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Literary Analysis Paper

Literary Analysis Paper
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3 to 4 FULL pages; double spaced, typed, Times New Roman 12 point font, 1″ margins on top, bottom, left and right. Must have a Works Cited Page in MLA format.
Construct an essay with a 8 to 10 sentences introduction (containing thesis statement at the end; thesis statement should reflect an argument about the theme OR the critical approach you are taking (either Cultural Studies criticism, Feminist criticism, Psychological criticism), X number of body paragraphs, (the number of paragraphs depends on how many major points you have; three to four is standard; if you have only two major points in support of your thesis, the paper will be graded down; each major point should support the thesis statement and be developed in its own paragraph), and 3 to 7 sentences conclusion.
Remember that you should not summarize your the story in the body portion of the paper. Assume that your reader has already read it. Only re-state what happened to the point that is necessary to remind your reader which part you are going to discuss, make points about, offer evaluation of, etc…

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