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Mambourin project

Executive Summary
Mambourin is an organization that was created to assist the disabled people. The organization is currently facing challenges about escalating operational costs and a solution to these problems is required. A critical analysis of the macro-environmental factors affecting the organization was done to evaluate strategies to improve the performance and reduce operational costs. The population of Western Melbourne has been growing in the last one decade and this trend is assumed to be maintained in the near future. Most residents of the region are young people while the elderly form a small percentage of the total population.
The concern for the environment has intensified and people care a lot about the impact of their activities on the environment. The culture of the region is not diversified because people in the region are mainly from Australia and a few from UK. The organization is affected by political and regulatory factors because it is funded by the government. The living standards of the people in the country are good and generally the economy of the country is favourable. The industry is attractive and many opportunities are available for exploitation. However, there exist weaknesses and threats that may reduce the performance of the organization. Special programs such as volunteer programs will be required to be introduced to support the organization. Some projects such as free offer of the garden for private and public events will be required to be introduced to attract more customers into the organization. The management of Mambourin should make the organization as attractive as possible to make it profitable.
Introduction / Business definition
Mambourin was founded with the objective of creating jobs, provision of education and training services to the disabled to improve their capabilities. The main projects of the organization are the Café and Sensory Garden which are based in Werribee. The two projects are encountering operational problems in the current moments and there is need to come up with strategies to overcome the difficulties. In addition, it has been observed that the organization faces extreme competition from other organizations in the area due to their strategic location and facilities. To complete this project, secondary data will be collected from official websites, journals, as well as making use of the data which the clients provided. Other similar organizations will be researched to learn how they operate their business and compare with that of the Mambourin. Confidentiality will be maintained when carrying out the project to collect all the information required completing the project. The main aim of the research will be to identify the main cause of problems facing the organization.
The project is estimated to take ten weeks starting from 17th August 2010 and will end on 1st November, 2010. There will be three phases for the project. Phase one will take two weeks, phase two will take six weeks while phase six weeks and the last phase will take two weeks. The first phase will involve analysing and discussing the situations being faced at the institution currently, analysis of the external environments, SWOT analysis, and creating a proper understanding of the activities of the organization, potential customers, the strategies and culture of the organization. Phase two will involve identifying solutions to the current situation experienced in the organization. This will be achieved by finding and attracting funds from sponsors, getting free advertising in the local news paper, re-negotiating yellow pages adverts at a reduced price, create partnership with Parks Victoria as a way of attracting more visitors, functioning rooms to businesses locally, offering outdoor wedding services and other private parties as well as organizing special regular events for the disabled people located around Victoria. In addition, phase two will also involve operations such as initiating volunteer programs which will reduce the costs of operating the organization, establishing partnerships with businesses such as Werribe Mansion, werribe Zoo and others, and leasing part of the garden for exhibition. The last phase will involve preparation and delivery of the final report and posters, and the preparation of the presentation and finally presenting the entire project.
Scope of Project and limitations
Scope of the project
The scope of the project is to obtain the minimum losses possible by introducing strategies which lead to low costs. There have been high operational and maintenance costs at the organization and this has been unbearable for the management. In the recent years, it has become unprofitable to operate the café and garden. The expenses of operating the garden have escalated while the revenues collected are inadequate to cover-up the expenses incurred.
Limitations of the project

The café is located in an area with few people, hence attracting few customers.
The café was initially funded by collecting donations from the community and this restricts the closure of the café without the consent of all the people involved in the initial funding process.
The Council does not allow more café signage to be displayed in the location of the business.
The budget of the business has been a major challenge


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