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Management of Innovation Case

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements
This is a management project, you, the writer’s role, is a consultant and building a innovation model for the company Schneider Electric (Automation devices and software). The function of the innovation model should cover two major parts: 1, Well organized ways or process to stimulate the company or related party to generate innovative ideas. 2, have a well organized way or process to select best ideas. The methods could be used must come from chapter 1-chapter 7 of the book : Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change, 5th Edition, Wiley, by Joe Tidd and John Bessant. ISBN-13 978-1118360637.
The form of the model should be a big diagram with some texts, other than the diagram, please explain the diagram fully in a separate page, take two page if needed. I’ll upload two files, file one is the instruction from professor, following the instruction is my notes from our team discussion, it will give you a guide line on how we want the model. File two is another form of notes of the things we have discussed, it is less important.
Assume your team is assigned to create an innovation management program in your organization.Design an innovation program.  Go only through selection.  Pick one of the companies a member of your team works for;you may use another organization.
Innovation managementmay include products, technologies, services, or business models.  Please describe the scope of the program such as the types of innovations you are trying to manage, the size of the organization, and reasonable performance expectations.
What would you do?  What policies, practices, structures, tools, and techniques would you set up to manage innovation.  What I am looking for is a complete program, not just a stage-gate or development process. In particular you should address

How your company defines and shares information about innovation.
How you can make innovation a core business process
How to build an innovative organization
How to develop an innovation strategy
How to find sources of innovation
How to develop and use an innovation network
How to decide which projects to develop


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