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Managing A Small Business

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Recommended Journals – the Starting Point for a Broad Literature Review
In the field of small business and entrepreneurship, there are many peer-reviewed academic journals. In addition many worthwhile articles about small business appear in the journals of other fields such as Geography, Psychology and Economics. It is really impossible to provide a concise list of journals that will provide access to everything of relevance to your needs. However you might like to start by looking at some of the following:
Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice Journal
European Journal of Marketing
Family Business Review
Harvard Business Review
International Small Business Journal
Journal of Entrepreneurship
Journal of Entrepreneurship Education
Journal of Small Business and
Task A & B
A. Analysis
With close reference to a small business of your choice, submit a written analysis highlighting the relationship of theory to practice. This might refer to your own working environment, or to one in which you have worked. Your work should address some or all of the following:
• an analysis of the business behaviour of the people concerned and how it meets or doesn’t meet the evidence, theories and frameworks in the Small Business Management literature.
• a comparison with competitors, highlighting any differences.
Word limit 3,000 words. Your work should conclude with a word count (available on most word processing packages) and should include in an appendix a commentary on your learning (see below).
B. Reflection on Learning
In all cases you are required to return as part of your submission document a) a list of relevant reading which you carried out and b) a short personal commentary (maximum one side of A4) on your learning on this module. This should include a reflection on your contribution in class to the learning of others as well as your experience – what you have learned or didn’t learn about small business management; and how. Further information will be given on the theoretical frameworks underlying this kind of work and which you should draw on.

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