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Manufacturing Company Quality Management

Total quality management
This is the type of management whereby the main aim of the managers is to continuously improve the quality of organizational goods and production processes so as to meet the customer needs to ensure their satisfaction. Total Quality Management requires that all those who are involved in the production process take their responsibility to ensure that the products meets the customer needs or exceeds their expectations (Stephens & Juran, 2005). It involves all management levels of the organization. TQM is a way of managing for the future. Combined with good leadership it gives the organization a competitive advantage and future success.
BJB Manufacturing Quality Management Initiative Proposal
BJB is a manufacturing company that is associated with lighting technology. The company aims at producing quality services and products. It is focused at fulfilling all the stakeholders’ needs to secure their satisfaction. In doing this, the company conducts research to gather information on the current demands by customers and to compare the current relationship between their products and those installed in cars. The management of the company is based on the Joseph Juran’s theory that focuses on customer satisfaction. This is a theory that was developed buy a man called Joseph Moses Juran. He was a management consultant and one of the greatest in the 20th century. He always emphasized on quality production as well as quality management and actually wrote books on the subject (Stephens & Juran, 2005).
Before Juran came with his new management theory, companies relied on the ideas that were previously developed by Fredrick Taylor. Taylor’s theory only focused on the quality of the end product and ignored the human aspect in quality management. Juran then added the human aspect and pushed for training of managers. He asserted that quality goods and services should be aimed to meeting the consumer needs to ensure their satisfaction. The new control theory by Juran had the following components; quality objectives, quality standards, Quality control and assurance activities, and Quality tools (Stephens & Juran, 2005). These are the components that guide BJB Company when it is developing its total quality management strategy.
This theory can effectively be implemented in both the manufacturing and service industries and will help them to incorporate quality production. The functions that need to be carried out during total quality management based on Juran theory include quality planning, quality control as well as quality improvement. BJB needs to identify its target customers so as to properly conduct total quality management. Planning helps the company establish what needs to be done and at what time so as to achieve the organizational goals (Mahadevan, 2009). Basically, each organization needs to be successful in the future. It therefore has to satisfy its customers to avoid loosing them to competitors.
BJB needs to establish plans which will ensure that the company is able to produce quality products and offer quality services as well. For it to come up with an effective plan, it has to conduct a research to establish the problem. It will be required to establish the needs of the customers. The company will then be able to plan for the kind of production needed to meet these needs.
The other function that the company will have to embrace is quality control. For the activities lay down in the plan to be effectively be implemented, the company managers have to take proper control of the whole organization. They will have to assign responsibilities to stake holders and ensure that each individual is conducting his or her activity in the right way (Mahadevan, 2009). Then it has to constantly improve the products as the customer needs continue changing. This further creates the need for constant research. Information or need for improvement can be achieved through complains by customers.
Juran theory also focused on quality in cost accounting as well as analysis that focuses on problem solving. Cost accounting is important in decision making by the management and therefore, managers can make decisions which will aid in improvement of products and services. The planning and control should focus on elimination of any defects that might affect the quality of products.
It is important for organization to invest in quality management since this defines its future performance. In manufacturing and service industries, the theory can be applicable in that the company will be required to know what the customers need. Then it will base its production on the needs. In case of a service industry, the company will be in a position to offer satisfactory services to the customers. This will be enhanced through quality planning, quality control and then quality improvement (Mahadevan, 2009).
Total quality management ensures that an organization produces quality goods or services that will meet the consumer needs and also exceed their expectations. Every organization aims at securing a large share of the market and this will be possible if they satisfy customers. It is for this reason that managers have focused on giving quality to their customers especially as competition increases with each organization aiming for success. Juran theory is the best theory that should be applied by an organization that wants to satisfy its customers. The theory aims at production of quality that satisfies the consumers.

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