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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
Chapter 1: Airship Tours Limited – Description

Overall company description

The chosen for this plan is Airship Tours Limited. This is new company in the US hospitality industry that offers tours and picnic services to different classes of customers. The company will be situated in the United States, in the city of San Francisco. The company has airships which will be used in conducting airship tours and sky ride for customer making them experience different sceneries around the United States.

Product description

This company lies in the services industry and is meant to become expand its services as it gains strong grounds of competence in the industry. The services that are in offing by the company are aimed at enhancing customer experience. There are two main services in offing. These are sky riding services and airship touring which forms the main products of the company. These services will be highly guarded so that customers can attain what is intended by the company. This is; getting an experience which will continue to be desired and sought for by customers.

Benefits of the concepts to potential buyers

This business is meant to attract customer through the nature of services that will be given to customers, who are also considered as buyers. The benefits that accrue to the services that are offered by Airship Tours are numerous. They are classified into two: entertainment of the buyers and the learning. Entertainment will be gained through treatment and the luxury in the kind of service that will be offered. Buyers of this service will get an opportunity to explore and understand the terrain and geography of the United States through the airship rides.

Marketing management orientation

The market will be classified so that it can capture different classes of customer customers. Buyers are expected to be drawn from different classes of people who work and reside in the city of San Francisco. Therefore, the company will categorize services in offing. The categories will be based on the distance of airship ride covered and the nature of airships used by the customer.

Marketing concept an its application in the company

Having noted that there are other companies that offer services that are related to what it is offering, strategic approaches of marketing will be applied by the company. Modalities of differentiation will be applied in positioning the products of Airship Tours from those of other companies in the market. Marketing activities will rage from the use of effective mechanisms of introducing the company and its products to customers to the effective provision of services.

Mission statement

The mission of the company is to provide diverse world class services tour and picnic services enabling customers to fly over and experience beautiful sceneries across the US.
Chapter 2: Integrating a Service Marketing Approach

Characteristics of competitive operation

Intangible factors are critical to understanding the business environment in which a company operates. The organization will have a research section that will help it in analyzing and understanding the marketing dynamics and economic conditions and how they can be tailored to benefit it.
The company will ensure that different marketing sections and practices are clearly separated from each other in order to avoid duplication of marketing functionalities. All the marketing segments will have a clear definition of its roles and functions. Major marketing departments will include communication and public relations, the research and development section of department and the advertising section.
The company will be responsive to the need of the customers and the forces that arise from the general market. Different services will be designed in order to meet the demands of customers. The trends in demand for different services by customer will be assessed and help in the development of more service that fit the identified customer groups.
This industry performs basing on seasons. To ensure continued operation across seasons, the company will come up with extra services that will entice customers during low seasons. This will ensure that business remains active in the company across the seasons by enticing customer to demand for services during low seasons.

Service quality management

As earlier noted, the company will have a research section will be critical in identifying the tastes and preference of customers. The recommendations will be given to the service quality management team. This team will be responsible for implementing notable changes in identified service offering sections. The maintenance of quality services are often based on continuous checks on organizational operations.


The company will be operating in an active industry. The company will target business peoples working in the city, as well as people touring the city. Also the company will target the general middle class population in the city who desire to consume the services. Therefore, three main service categories will be designed. In order to expand the external marketing environment, the company will classify and define the kind of services under each category. This will help the customer to quickly choose the kind of products that fits their needs and ability.

Management of capacity and demand

In prior face of setting the basis on which to begin working, maximum standards of operation will be set. As demand grows, it will easily fit into the larger business that is already set by the company. The initial operational capacity will be set higher than what is required. Projection of demand will be made at the initial stages of operation. As the number of customers increase, services will be easily expanded.

Managing consistency

Consistency of work determines the stability and sustainability of a company. To ensure consistency in service offering, the company will keep close checks and conduct evaluations at close intervals. Evaluation reports will be used in implementing controls in service offering. Customers will also be given a room to express their views concerning the services that are offered and if possible propose improvements which will be reviewed and implemented by the company.
Chapter 3: External Environment Analysis


Assessing the industry and the economy in which a company is critical in setting standards of competing with other companies in the market. An assessment of the competitors will be done in order to understand the kind of services that they provide and how they manage to sustain their operations in the market. There are a number of companies that are dealing in airship service offering in the U.S. The company will position itself in several ways. Airship Tours will seek to fill a gap that that has been left by other companies in the industry. This will be one of the main means of making the company more competitive. Other aspect of competitiveness will lie in the continued focus on quality of product and services. Customer centered approaches will be a highly employed.


The city of San Francisco has a high population. It is characterized with the presence of many businesses and business tycoons. The city receives a large number of tourists who come from different cities and states in the United States. Characteristics of the populace that are found in the city are a strong indicator of the presence of potential customers for the company.


The U. S has a strong economy with a lot of resources and opportunities. A majority of the population of the country is working and can afford to do savings. The economy is rated as one of the highly performing economy. The company will not suffer from the lack of customer as people in the economy are able to save and can spend on the services that ill be offered by Airship Tours Limited. The company will capitalize on the economic strength of the population in maximizing service offering.


The most important country feature that favors the performance of the company is the size and the number of physical features of the country. United States is a large country with a varying landscape; hills, valleys, rivers and many other features. The country has a large forest cover in different places across the country. The natural environment is suitable for the kind of business by Airship Tours.


U.S is termed as the hub of technology in the world. The company will readily get the supply of Airships and other services within the country. This saves on the cost of procuring machines and equipment from distant places. The advanced information and communication technology and ease in access and use of technology will be an advantage to the company. It will help in advertisement of the company and its services. Customer engagement will also be easily done.


Political stability is a desired activity in enhancing the performance of companies. The U. S has stable political structures which have managed to maintain a peaceful environment. The country has a safe airspace of the country is safe and convenient for air tours. The government ensures that it sets the best environment for entrepreneurship in the country. The company will ensure that it follows all the stipulated rules of doing business as laid down by the government.


The United States has a population that is drawn from different regions in the world. One of the important traits of the population of United States is the consumerism aspect. People in the country like innovation and are open to spending on spending on new products and services. There is a culture of exploration that is common amongst Americans.
Chapter 4: Marketing Research Plan

Suitable market research

Marketing surveys are best suited in generating helpful data for the development of a comprehensive marketing plan to be used by Airship Tours Ltd. Marketing surveys are structured in such a way that they generate voluminous data that is critical in decision making. The marketing survey will assess the aspects of competition in the industry together with other factors which must be considered in setting up the operations of the company. To ensure that marketing survey generates quality data, the company will ensure that all factors of business environment have been captured. This include the technology, cultural practices, the economic forces, political environment, consumption trends in the country, legal issues, geographical set up of the country.

Exploratory and descriptive elements in research

The survey will cover explanatory and descriptive questions. The combination of these two aspects in the survey is useful in generating information from a wider scope of comprehension. Explanation gives more details thence more understanding of the environment.

Primary and secondary data

Primary data will be used in getting fresh information which is a true reflection of the prevailing business environment and market for the company. Secondary data is also desirable in the survey and will be used in supporting the data collected using secondary research. Primary data will be combined with secondary data to generate more accurate information.

Approaches in primary research

The tools of collecting primary data that will be used in the survey are questionnaires and interview guides. Interview guides are most desired in collecting detailed information in focused group discussions. Focused groups will be organized with people who have more information about the business. Questionnaires and observation will be used in collecting information from open sources like the public.
Chapter 5 & 6: Analysis of the Market

Target market

The targeted market for the Airship Tours limited is quite broad. San Francisco occupies the 5th position on the list of population of cities in the U. S. It includes the business class people who are doing business in the city of San Francisco, tourists and the young population working in the city.

Market size and spending power

The targeted market for the company is large. The company will be situated in the city of San Francisco; therefore, the entire population in the city serves as potential customers to the company. The city of San Francisco is quite large and active in terms of business. This indicates good income pattern for people leaving in the city. The city has a spending power of around 98 which is a good sign for the company (Maltbia 29).
Chapter 6: Features of the market


The market coverage is large since the city of San Francisco is part of the larger city of California. The city has a lot of physical features which make it attractive for tourist activities.


The market is comprised of a large working population. The city has a dense population. The population has shown high prospects of spending. This is evident in tourism expenditure patterns of the population.


Most of the people in the market are young working people. Young people are known to spend a lot on entertainment and leisure. This is what has promoted tourism in the region. The company expects to bank on this characteristic to expand its business.


The market is sophisticated and friendly which makes it easy for access by the company. The consumption rate for the services of the company is projected to grow fast.


The market has most of the features that are desired by the company. Most of the features of the market indicate that the market will be receptive to the company leading to its growth.

Main attribute of customer motivation

The company will offer a wide and high level of hospitality and classy services to the customers.

competitive advantage of the business concept

The company will offer a wide range of services which have never been offered by other such companies operating in the market thence attracting a large number of customers.

Perceptual map: Business concept and competition


Fig 1. 0: Business concept and competition
Source: Author

Bridging the gap between company services and consumer needs and demands

Dissatisfaction of consumer need many arise when the company d does not adjust to the external environment. Continued research covers for that by helping in the identification of issues that affect the expectations and needs of customers.

Service classification

Services of the company are related to other services that are offered by competitor firms. However, there are many aspects of differentiation. Among these aspects is diversity of offer and classification of service to meet the diverse needs and demands of customers.
iii. Differentiation
Differentiation is one if the means of branding which will be used by the company in branding its services. It entails:

The first factor of differentiation is the specialization of the company on air tours.
Diversity in the number of services to cater for a wide range of customers.
Customer centered and high quality services
Strategic location of its operation base.

Chapters 7: Marketing Mix Strategies

The company lies in the services sector and will be offering air tour and picnic to customers. This will be supplement by catering and entertainment services.

The brand name of the company is Air Tours and Nature Experience.

The logo presents the map of the world with a person flying high with trees, hills, mountain, valleys and animals under the person. This implies that the person is experiencing the world from the air.

The industry in which the company is entering is quite competitive. However, the industry is broad and is expected to broaden further. With creativity which is depicted in the kind of services in offer by the company, prospects of growth are quite high.

Chapter 8: Internal marketing process
Internal marketing will be centered on ensuring that customers are updated with happenings and satisfied with the nature of services that are received. The company aims at developing a strong culture of excellent service offering to customers which will be impressive and an enticing factor to customers.
Every employee will be informed and aware of the expectations of the company. The employees will have direct lines and channels of communication through which they will receive information on service and send feedback. This is called instant communication. it will be health for the coordination of marketing .
Chapter 9: Pricing
The company will utilize a skimming marketing strategy. This will help in offsetting the high cost of setting the business. As the company enters the market, it will employ several pricing strategies.
The different categories of services will have their prices which ill be dependent on the nature and number of packages in offer. Discount rates will be offered in each package depending on several factors. These include: the rate of consumption, season, quickness in service purchase and category of service purchased.
The company is supposed to gain financial stability as well as stability of functioning. Therefore, these two types of value will be emphasized in the early years of operation. As it gains stability, it will start promoting experiential value.
Chapter 10: Place
The company will be based in the central business district of San Francisco. The city is active in tourism. Business is also active in the city and customers can easily access the company and its services. There are plenty of services in the city which will enhance the activities of the company.
The company intends to have a wide marketing platform. The social media will be used to directly engage customers. The company will also partner with other player in the tourism industry like hotels and tourism agents. These will help in promoting their services to tourists and other people.
Chapter 11: Promotion
Integrated marketing communication practices will aid in reaching a large number of customers. The company will assess the impact of using each communication platform in promoting its products to customers. The main communication platforms that will be used in promoting the products of the company are the internet, direct promotion through sales agents and the print, audio and visual media.
Televisions will carry direct advertisements of the company by carrying video clips, footages and images of the services of the company. Radios will carry commercials which will explain the company and the nature of services. Blogs and online communities will be crated on the internet where people will be able to inquire and receive responses about the company and its services. The print media: magazines and newspapers will be used in carrying explanation of the company and its products. It will also carry the complete contact details of the company.
Copy of advertisement
Airship Tours Limited!!!
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Airship Tours now offers limitless air tour, travel, and picnic services to its customers. Don’t hesitate to get a suitable package for yourself today!
Chapter 12: Sales promotions
Several promotional tools will be used in in enhancing marketing in Airship Tours. These include rebates, sales coupons, displays, contests and service samples. Some of the tools will be combined in single promotional events.
Public relations will be highly applicable in promotions. This will include the provision of clear calendars on promotional events, continued update on the events and their outcomes as well as provision of transport and other services to such events. The company will also have help lines for people who want to inquire about the events. Press releases will be availed to customer on the internet.
Chapter 13: Building customer relationship
The company will rely on modern communication technologies in accessing and building relationship with the customers. Customer will be engaged through service offering and direct communication with employees. Direct telephoning and the use of emailing and other internet communicative tools will be applied in the development of customer relations.
The company will create a website which will carry diverse contents. The website will carry the details of the organization like contacts, structure, mission, goals and objectives on its homepage. In addition to this the website will display other interactive information like display of its services, promotions and update of information and news of the company.
Chapter 14:

The presence of many tourists in the chosen strategy
The ability of the company to offer services in diversity
New company and new services to customers


Presence of many other players in the industry
Exposure to high risks and costs as a new company in the industry
Length of time taken in attracting customers may impact on the initial operations of the company

Marketing penetration strategies’ chart

Fig. 1.1: Marketing penetration strategies’ chart
Source: Author

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