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Marketing Plan for Qatar Pearl 2014

Write Marketing plan for the Pearl Qatar, which will include:1) Objectives&Goals (to increase customer awareness, profit..etc), 2) Target Market, 3) Market mix (4ps) and 4) SWOT analysis.
There are three categories which will include all the above topics: Fashion, Restaurant and Coffee shops and Furniture
Goals & Objectives
To operate, own and develop world-class hospitality business.

To partner with leading, upcoming and promising hospitality brands with ambitions in regional development.
To partner with high growth potential or the most reputed operators in order to build the entity’s current portfolio to 20 hotels and resorts and 100 restaurants within the next 10 years.
To make the island one of the most fashionable, exclusive, and sophisticated hospitality destination, globally.
To accommodate more than 45,000 residents in about 15,000 residential units.
To feature outstanding entrainment, landscaped gardens, worldwide dining brands, top coffee shops and restaurants, furniture, different shopping experiences and three marinas for six luxury hotels as well as over 1,000 boats.
To offer true freehold and unique investment opportunities in a relaxed, safe, exclusive and friendly environment.

Target market
            Qatar Pear targets those who are interested in investing in real estate market, coffee shops, furniture and restaurants in Doha.  This includes those who are interested in first class apartments, whose market continues to outpace supply due to the very expensive macroeconomic conditions in the country. Most importantly, the investors who are looking for an opportunity that offers a decent return or the emigrants who are looking for respectable accommodation together with their families will find Pearl one of the best destination. Furthermore, the business travelers who frequent Doha will find this destination very essential especially if they are tired of living in Hotel rooms. Above alla, the center will target the tourists who have come to Doha purely for leisure, by offering them luxurious facilities in the hotels (Jobber, 2001).
Market mix (4ps)
            The marketing mix is the method of marketing that will be used by marketing professionals to ensure that the company’s products are successfully accepted in the target market.
            Qatar Pearl will pride itself on being a highly fashionable, exclusive, and sophisticated hospitality destination globally.  The facility will offer true freehold and unique investment opportunities in a relaxed, safe, exclusive and friendly environment. It will also feature outstanding entrainment, landscaped gardens, worldwide dining brands, top quality coffee shops and restaurants, furniture, different shopping experiences, luxury hotels and a multiple of travelling boats – an experience that is hard to get in any other single hospitality destination. Essentially, Qatar Pear’s dream is to offer unique services and products, in a way that is hard to get from rival destinations. In effect, the destination will attract so many royal customers and become a global leader in hospitality (Armstrong, & Kotler, 2011).
            Qatar Pearl pays attention to the importance of matching price with quality in determining the overall value of its products and services. What is most important is to ensure that the customers get value for their money. In other words, the destination will ensure that no customer will complain over the price of the products and services offered in the facility, or opt for a rival destination because of price (Cannon & Morgan, 1990).
             As such, Qatar Pear will create truly unique hospitality experience whereby customers will enjoy first-class and personalized and customizable services and products, as well as an ultimate relaxed atmosphere essential in enjoying the products and services they purchase.  The professed fashionable environment, on top of the lavish, yet affordable glamour of the products and services, will enable Qatar Pearl to set higher prices than its rivals and still retain customers. Furthermore, the company’s continuous stress on the quality of its product and services, as well as of its employees will be another way in which Qatar Pearl will manage to rationalize its ostensibly expensive prices.
            Qatar Pearl will use a variety of hybrid distribution channels to link its products and services to the customers. First, the facility will use a direct supply channel, where the facility will use its own retail stores to sell products. Secondly, the products will be licensed, packaged and sold in other retail stores including groceries and shopping centers. Finally, the company will form partnership with other like-minded entities such as banks and cafes, to help distribute its products and services (Porter, 2008)..,………………………………………
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