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Marketing strategy

Strategy is has widely been defined as a long term plan or action to attain a specific target. Strategy implementation is a key factor for business success and marketing and advertising industry is no exception. It is all about integrating the organizations activities and allocating scarce resources in order to meet specified goals.
Taking a new antacid for instance that intends to penetrate the market, a creative plan is important. The plan will entail the objectives, strategy and the various business tactics. Advertising and appropriate marketing are the crucial elements in business. It will be rather critical for the new antacid to have its strategy well outlined and defined to ensure business success (Chandler).
The strategy in case of the antacid will be portraying the superiority nature of the drug amidst the stringent competitors. The antacid offers speedy relief. This is so as the drug is enhanced to provide, superior palatability and superior efficacy. Antacids are usually prescribed for the common constipation cases.
The new antacid is considered to have superior efficacy. This is the ability to intervene and produce the desired results to patients. Efficacy is the measure of how well a drug works in the treatment trials .The new antacid has superior efficacy because of its ability to disintegrate faster and works on your stomach, thus resulting to a speedy relief.
The new antacid is regarded as having superior palatability. This basically implies that the patient derives incentive value from the antacid. This is because the drug has a cool and creamy taste. For antacids, taste is a preferential factor as constipation drugs are often chewed. The creamy and cool taste thus enhanced the drug’s palatability (Fontanini , Grossman , Figueroa , Katz 2490).

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