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Media Giants

Directions: Below, you will find links to five documentaries on Media Giants from various industries. If none of these suit you, you can propose another documentary to the professor in writing no later than noon, Sunday March 29 for approval. After watching your documentary, you will engage in outside research on your Media Giant, gathering 5 additional sources about your Giant or his/her media innovation. You will write a 2-3 page paper using your research as outlined below. In addition, you will provide complete citations for all 5 sources that you have referenced in your paper.
Questions to Consider:
What struggles did your “Giant” overcome? How have his/her contributions changed the media industry? What is the significance of those contributions? What were the keys to his/her success? How can you apply lessons learned from the “Giant’s” success to your own career path?
Grading Rubric:
20 points: Quality of the outside research you do on your “Media Giant.” Use strong sources that Rovach and Rosenstiel would approve of based on The Skeptical Way of Knowing. HINT: Wikipedia isn’t on their list. Correct citation to sources in proper APA style is key.
20 points: Your discussion of your “Giant,” his/her innovations in the field and how those innovations will impact your future in media.
20 points: Connect your “Giant” and his/her innovations to the material we’ve covered in lecture and readings.
15 points: Writing matters. Proper usage, syntax, capitalization, punctuation and spelling are important. Organizational structure and professional tone are also key.
CNBC TITANS: LEO BURNETT (father of modern advertising agency)
CNBC TITANS: MERV GRIFFIN (entertainment media entrepreneur)
Bloomberg Game Changers: Rupert Murdoch (Links to an external site.) (founder of Fox News)
The September Issue (about Anna Wintour)

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