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Molecular Medicine

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements
A power point Presentation on a selected Disease using the following instructions:

Do a search on the drug. Find out other names for it. Answer the questions below.
Find out the target of the drug.  Is the target expressed in many parts of the body?
How does the drug interact with its target. Is the effect inhibitory or stimulatory, is it complete or partial?
What is the structure of the drug  – is it a chemical or a protein. Provide a diagram showing the structure of the drug and if available, show how the drug interacts with its target.
What animal model or models were used to test the efficacy of the drug, in pre-clinical trials?  What proteins or family of proteins were shown to be affected in pre-clinical trials?
Is the drug used to treat other diseases that are not related to the brain?
What is the treatment regime for the patient i.e. the mode of delivery to the patient.
What are the side-effects and how are they related to the molecular mechanisms that underly the drug’s efficacy.

For presentation, marks will be allocated as indicated below

Title and outline (1-2 slides)
Brief summary of disease being treated by nominated drug (1-2 slides) -> 10 marks
Description of the drug – its history, structure, properties, target, how it interacts with the target. (2-4 slides) -> 20 marks
Animal models used to test drug (1-2 slides) -> 5 marks
Signalling pathways impacted by drug treatment (1-2 slides) -> 5 marks
Sites of expression of drug target and implication – possible link to reported side-effects (1 slide)-> 5 marks
Summary/conclusions (1-2 slides) -> 5 marks

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