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Name four benefits of using the life history method of qualitative research.

The aim of this assignment is for you to familiarise yourself with reading journalarticles and developing your academic writing skills.The grading for this assessment is divided into two parts; peer feedback process andfinal submission. More details noted below.You are provided three journal articles. Under each question that needs to beanswered is the article that you will need to read in order to be able to answer thatquestion, as all answers are contained within the relevant article. In answering thequestions, remember that short, succinct, and precise answers are better thananswers that are vague and unfocussed. No answer should exceed more than half apage of text (double spaced) or 125 words. All the articles are available onMoodle.
1. How did the authors ensure a representative sample of AmericanIndians were involved in their study?Reference ; Pace, T.M., Robbins, R.R., Choney, S.K., Hill, J.S., Lacey, K., & Blair, G. (2006).A cultural-contextual perspective on the validity of the MMPI-2 with AmericanIndians. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 12(2), 320-333.
2. Name four benefits of using the life history method of qualitativeresearch.Reference ; Labaree, R.V. (2006). Encounters with the library: Understanding experienceusing the life history method. Library Trends, 55(1), 121-139.
3. What does the first research question mean?….
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