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nutritional guidelines for a beginning exerciser.

nutritional guidelines for a beginning exerciser.
Fitness Paper 2 – how nutrition is just as important as exercise!
Explore various components of physical fitness including the five major components of physical fitness [EXPLORE].  Develop and implement strategies to improve general health through physical activity [REASON].  Research aspects of physical fitness focusing on current trends, issues and application [EXPLORE].
Assignment Criteria – Research and create nutritional guidelines for a beginning exerciser.
To include:
•    General overview of basic nutrition that must be included for a new exerciser; with the goal of losing weight, and gaining muscle mass and strength.
•    What would a sample 5 day eating plan look like?
o    Male/Female plans, how do they differ?
o    How much of each essential nutrients should the new exerciser consume?
o    What should be eliminated or significantly reduced?
o    Charts, graphs, ect
This program is a general eating or nutritional program for someone who needs to improve their health. Just because it is a starting point, does not mean it doesn’t need detail. Think about working with a new exerciser, how do you fully explain to them what nutrition is and how it should be paired with their workout plan??? Enlighten us. Some questions not to forget: Exactly what should proportions be? How many grams or percentages of diet should food groups represent? What is most important for each new exerciser to remember when it comes to nutrition? Do we need supplements if working out?
Cite and support opinions with research and examples.

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