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One week macro-economic analysis of China.

The research assignment below will provide a one week micro economic analysis of China focusing; on most important goods and services produced in China, GDP per capita, Population size, and the type of government they have. China is bordered by i4 countries among them include; Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam and India.
Most important goods and services produced in china.
Based on one week research, I found that, China produces almost everything one can think. More importantly, China is one of the top world largest producers of tea both white and green tee in a large amount while black tea in a small amount. Other goods and services that they sell include. Wheat, rice, silk, salt, Agricultural Apparel Automobiles. China is also among the world largest producers of Natural resources such as hydro power potential, coal, iron Petroleum, natural gas, aluminium, zinc, vanadium and other rare earth elements (Holober, Frank.pp.66-69). They provide services on Motorcycle business services, software, construction, chemical computer Hardware services, Real estate services, consumer electronic, and electrical equipment services among other many services.
The GDP per capita in china
The GDP per capital in china had been at an increase over the recent times this has been attributed to the restructuring of its economy, which had involved gradual liberalisation of commodity prices, rapid growth of the banking sector, creation of independence for state owned enterprises. The GDP in 2011 slowed down to almost 9% from 10.5% in 2010 while in 2009, China registered a GDP of 9.2% as compared to the world statistic( Frank and Hobler pg35), these statistics indicate that, the country had been experiencing fluctuations in GDP because of major reforms that had been taking place in the Chinese economy.
Population of China
The population of China hard been at an increase since after Second World War, the persistent increase in population can be attributed to the cultural believe that people should have children to replace the soldiers lost in the war (Holober and Frank p. 59). This believe made China be a mong the world most populated countries, Making the world and Chinese government encourage people its people to adopt family planning techniques so us to manage the population increase. China Labour force stand at 706 million people almost twice that of Europe (Frank and Hobler.pg.58   ).
China Government
China is a communist state with several administrative divisions within the government, this include the provinces, municipalities and Autonomous regions such as Inner Mongoria and Tibet among others. On 1st October 1949 People’s Republic of China was established following an earlier replacement of Qing Dynasty on 1st January 1912.In this country opposition parties for a person to be elected one must be a member of a political party called Chinese Communist Party(CCP) Which contain other eight small parties that it controls. The government has a constitution that was promulgated on 4th December 1982 and the arms of government which are; Legislature, executive and Judiciary. The country has a red flag with a large yellow five pointed star, the red represents revolution and the stars represents four social classes; the working class,Peasantly,the urban Petty bourgeoisie, and the National bourgeoisie( Holober and Frank.p2).
The research herein has critically discussed the macro-economics setting of China and came up with some finding on the most important goods such as tea that are being produced and service that are being offered, the research has further investigated the population size of this country, its GDP and the government the country has.Word count(584)

Work cited
Holober, Frank. Raiders of China coast:Cia Cover Operation during the Korean war.Annapolis.Naval institute Press.1999.Print.

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