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Participation and Content

OP1 Resit : Entry 1 – Participation and Content
Replacement Assignments for O&P1 (2 Tasks)
Task 1
In 1500 to 1800 summarise and critically analyse the following papers using examples and academic references:

US Airways inches toward merger deal with American
By Dawn Gilbertson, The Arizona Republic – USA TODAY Travel, 08/27/2012

US Airways, the smallest of the big four hub-and-spoke airlines, has been pressing its case for a merger with American since that airline filed for bankruptcy protection late last year. The merger would create an airline on par with United and Delta, each of which grew dramatically in the past few years through major acquisitions. A combined airline would be able to better compete for lucrative business travellers, especially on the East Coast and in the Midwest.
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Amadeus Sets Expanded Strategic Alliance with Kayak
By James Shillinglaw – June 20, 2012 11:17 PM
Amadeus, the travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, and Kayak, a leading travel search company, have entered into a multi-year agreement that expands the companies’ current relationship.
As a result of this new agreement, Kayak will expand the use of Amadeus’ airline fare and availability technology in its efforts to provide the most comprehensive and accurate flight search results for Kayak’s global websites and mobile applications. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
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DreamWorks to build US$3.1bn theme park in Shanghai
BY Tom Walker – 07 Aug 2012

Image: Shanghai’s new theme park will open by 2016

DreamWorks Animation and its Chinese joint venture partners have announced plans to open a new theme park in Shanghai by 2016.

As part of the park plans, DreamWorks also announced the creation of Oriental DreamWorks to strengthen the company’s position in the Chinese entertainment market.
Oriental DreamWorks is a joint venture established by China Media Capital, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Alliance Investment and DreamWorks Animation.
The Chinese companies will hold a majority stake of approximately 55 per cent in Oriental DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation will hold 45 per cent.
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Task 2
The organisation (Content Replacement Assignment)
Application/Action task
The tourism industry was introduced in the module ITP. Several facets of the industry were dealt with including the environmental factors, the stakeholders and the trends in the tourism field. This module revisits these facets but now they will be seen in the context of an organisation.
A: Discussion

What kind of organisations work in the tourism field?

Discuss the organisations you know and write the names on the board.
Which organisations co-operate together and in what way?
Discuss the tourism supply chain. Where would you place the organisations you have discussed?


Choose an organisation from the list you have discussed before.

Discuss all the factors that have an impact on this organisation and write them down.
How do these factors impact the organisation?
Can the organisation influence these factors? How?


Discuss the following statements. State whether they are true or false and give reasons:

Environmental factors can hardly be influenced by an organisation.
Employees are an important environmental factor for an organisation.
Buyers are a relatively less important stakeholder group than suppliers.

B: Action
Choose an organisation in the tourism or leisure sector (be specific concerning a name). It cannot be the organisation you have discussed in part A. It can be an organisation that interests you and/or where friends or family are employed. The information that you need in order to complete this assignment can be found in the literature.

Make an analysis of the internal and external influences affecting this organisation (be specific and use examples). How does the organisation exert its influence?
Indicate what exactly these influences mean and how powerful they are.
Brainstorm future developments: what could the influence on the company be in 5 years’ time? (Think about scenario planning, future trends and the PESTEL analysis.)
In what way can the organisation respond to or anticipate these future developments?

Present the information you have found and critically analyse and discuss them relating to literature and academic examples.
Your discussion and analysis should be an average of 1500 to 1800 words excluding bibliographic references.

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