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Personal Statement

I have always been impressed by the medical field because it is one of the most altruistic and invaluable professions known. The joy brought by saving and improving the quality of life as well as preventing disease is incomparable. It not only brings joy but also a great experience that comes with the challenges, effort and the knowledge gained. The influence of both of my parents being doctors may have played a role in my decision to become a doctor but my main drive was the ability to aim for the most challenging positions despite being discouraged by people who think this profession is “too long” or “too difficult”. As a result, I accepted the challenge and the joy that entitles becoming a medical doctor.
Ever since I began school, I have been fascinated by Physiological Sciences. I recognized the importance of actual knowledge. Physiology not only requires a good abstraction capacity but the knowledge of why and how things happen. On understanding the fundamentals, fact memorization takes second place. However, Physiology is not learning process and not a memorization unit. This is a fascinating aspect of biological sciences. Early in my career, I was elected as an assistant professor to teach physiology practices to the new medical students. Needless to say, I mostly enjoyed cardiac physiology unit. I was fascinated by the fact that this amazing system has its own electrical activity pace that activates a series of events ultimately resulting in pumping of blood throughout the body. At this point, I realized that I wanted to expand my knowledge in cardiovascular systems, and so soon decided to become a cardiologist in future.
Patient care, responsibility and equality in patient treatment are amongst the qualities of a good doctor. I also realized that high experience and excellent training is a complementary characteristic that makes a good doctor. At the end of my medical career, I was elected to do my entire internal medicine rotation in a United States Hospital. For the past 2 years I have been attending to the MSMC cardiology research meetings. Through these meetings, I leant how to make medical research publications since I reviewed and wrote medical literature. Additionally, I also learned how to manage basic statistical analyses using the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS). I also loved the systems and became familiar with it. I recently competed in the American College of Physicians Research competition. In this, I won the first place with the research project formulated during these meetings.
After my studies, I conquered my goal. I became an intern in South Florida, Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC). I chose this hospital specifically because it offered great training in Internal Medicine. It also had a very strong cardiovascular program. With regards to my Internal Medicine program, I fundamentally concentrated on efforts to deliver the best patient care. This helped me to receive good evaluations from my co-workers. In addition, I was elected thrice to participate in the American College of Physicians’ poster competition. I scored above the 85th Percentile rank in both In-training exams. Due to this, I was elected as part of doctor’s dilemma competition of Mount Sinai team.
According to a statement from one my role models, we need to sacrifice the family if one really wants to become cardiologist. This enabled me to constantly pursue my dreams. Cardiology fellowship programs Unit were seeking for applicants. At some point I realized that I qualified for the position. As a foreigner, I have travelled to the United States to achieve my dreams. I am excited and looking forward to start this new journey that will change me tremendously and hopefully help me become an excellent cardiovascular medicine specialist.

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