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Personal Statement

Personal Statement
I have always harbored an interest in business from an early age. The dynamic nature of businesses which enables them to constantly reinvent themselves and the numerous opportunities presented for one to apply their knowledge and creativity in a practical manner are perhaps the biggest attraction that the business field holds for me. However, I have always appreciated the fact that in the aggressive business world, it takes more than mere raw skill and intuition to carve a niche in the market. A solid educational background proves invaluable and enables one to remain competitive. As such, a strong educational background is not only desirable but is the only means by which one can live up to their full potential and prove to be a credit to the society. It is therefore with a sense of purpose that I am seeking for the opportunity to be enrolled for the Full-Time Two Year MBA program in Business from Drexel University – LeBow College of Business.
I am deeply convinced that an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurial/ marketing from this institute will be relevant to my career objectives both on the short term and the long term. On a short term basis, I believe that I have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and I am willing to go back to school to receive further education because I want to be 100% prepared. On a long term basis, I intend to gain the skills and knowledge that will enable me to manage more than one functioning team, think maturely, as well as more strategically. I hope to take advantage of my Mandarin and English language skills in order to benefit a multinational company or preferably my own business.
I have various experiences which I believe will be of great relevance in my graduate program. My father has been running his own business successfully overseas for approximately 15 years, As a result of this; I grew up in an environment where entrepreneurship was greatly valued. Having been born and brought up in another country, I am bilingual and I believe that this attribute will greatly assist me in future international business dealings. I have had the opportunity to work as an assistant consultant for 7 months at a non-profit organization. This experience highlighted to me the benefits that a strong educational background can have in the running of any type of organization. I will also have a full year experience by August working as a marketing trainee at a public trade corporation. I truly understand that only few college graduates would have this kind of opportunity. I believe the experience has been extremely valuable to me and my career which also has been teaching me how a corporation operates with the interaction among different departments and outside vendors. Sharing useful information and keeping confidential information internally is what I learned in the classroom but experienced in the real business world.
When I started my undergraduate career at Lock Haven University, I was enrolled in the Health Science program. I eventually realized that I was not interested enough in the subject to major in it. My grades in the subject suffered as a result. Once I switched my major to business, my GPA improved considerably.
I am very passionate about pursuing my career in business and there is no doubt in my mind that my future achievement and success greatly hinge on my securing a place in Drexel University- LeBow College of Business. Given the chance, I will set out to exploit positively and make use of the various resources that the school has availed to its students so as to ensure that I am a credit to the business world in future. I also believe that I would not only be an asset to my fellow students with whom I would share my past experiences and learn from but also to the society as a whole.

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