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Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing
            The philosophy of nursing can be conceptualized in relation to four metaparadigm concepts of person, health, nursing and environment. In this paper, I will explain human nature, society and the interrelationship between the two. I will also explain how I view health and health care, nature of nursing, nature of nursing education, teaching and learning and compare myphilosophy with St. Petersburg college philosophy.
Personal Belief
            My personal belief system on nursing is that the profession is all about providing care driven by compassion. By observing patients, I have come to realize that my role as a nurse should not only entail preventing and curing diseases and injuries through diagnosis and medication but to go a step further and identify with the patient’s feelings, perceptions, fears and aspirations. This integrative approach, I believe, provides the patient with the necessary instruments that support quick recovery not only of the physical but psychological life component as well. The human being can only be said to be healthy if the three life components of physical, spiritual and psychological components are functioning in harmony. My desire is therefore to play a central role in helping the patient regain this harmony through adopting a caring rather than a curing methodology.
People and the Society
People are a representation of the wonder that is life. Therefore, I believe that each individual is unique in their own way and as such should be allowed to display their uniqueness fully in a supportive and healthyenvironment. The different personalities, beliefs and behaviors expressed by the people are what make the particular person what they are. The distinguishable traits expressed by individuals have a direct impact on the person’s own life course and affects others as well.
The unique individuals affect and are affected by the society they live in.Since the society is the conglomeration of the different individuals; order has to be created to ensure peaceful co-existence among the people. By reaching on an agreement as to which virtues the society identifies with and the vices it disregards, the people can cultivate a harmonious living that respects and embraces the different personalities.
Health and Healthcare
I conceptualize health as the state of harmony among the life components; spiritual, physical and psychological and not necessarily the absence of disease. Due to factors out of our control, the harmony among the three components is sometimes destabilized for instance by illness. In such a situation, a human being can be said to be unhealthy.
Health care as I perceive it is an integrated protocol that addresses the impairments in humans arising from diseases, injury and illness affecting the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The problems are addressed through diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This healthcare is provided by skilled professionals in areas of medicine, nursing, therapists, public health practitioners and other specialized care providers.
Nursing to me is both a science and an art. This means that the professional nurse must have the skills to diagnose and recommend or offer the necessary treatment to a patient. At the same time, the nurse must address the emotional needs of the patient to ensure the recovery process is integrative in returning the patient to normative and harmonious functioning of the integral healthy life components.
Nursing Education, Teaching and Learning
            To offer professional services, the nurses require going through training. I suppose that it is necessary to train the potential nurses on a caring approach in patient treatment as opposed to the conventional focus on scientific concepts dealing with diagnosis and medication only. Therefore, teaching and learning should encompass knowledge and skills from other professionals such as psychologists.
            Environment as I perceive it is both the external and internal factors that influence an individual’s character, life choices and personality. The forces of the external environment may be beyond an individual’s ability to control and he/she may be forced to comply in order to fit in such as in a particular societal or professional setting. The internal environment greatly contributes to the individual’s overall well being. One may control some components of the internal environment such as the emotional element. The impact of these environments greatly influences an individual’s health.
Comparison between My Philosophy of Nursing and St. Petersburg College’s
            Both of our philosophies share some common elements. On people and society, both of us agree that people have an impact on the society they live in and are also impacted by it. On the concept of nursing, we also both agree that it should encompass touching on the physical, mental and spiritualwell being of the patient. The nurses training model also matches as both our philosophies emphasize on an all round professional. Our major difference is on the concept of health. While St. Petersburg College bases its ‘health’ definition on the acuity of any diagnosed disease and the burden of perceived illness, my philosophy does not gauge health to necessarily mean absence of disease in the human body.
Nursing is a multidimensional profession that should focus on the overall well being of an individual by approaching health concept to mean harmony in the physical, mental and spiritual harmony in the patient as opposed to gauging health on illness parameters.

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