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Photojournalist for a Day

Photojournalist for a Day
Almost 50 years ago Martin Luther King had a dream, “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” (King, 1963). This same philosophy of integration and equality is not only applicable to race in our society, but to all groups of people who had been previously treated unfairly. Indeed, the 1960s is an era characterized by the struggle for civil rights of elders, women, gays and lesbians, the disabled, and wage earners. All of your communities today are forever changed due to these groups’ struggles.
In this assignment you are going to become photojournalists. Go into your community with a camera and gather evidence to create a PowerPoint presentation of progress (or lack of progress, if you wish) made toward the achievement of civil rights of these and other groups in society. Think about changes in peoples’ rights, including women, the elderly, the disabled, and ethnic and racial minorities. Look at businesses, place names, neighborhoods,
public facilities, parks, monuments and other aspects of the built environment.
Be sure to include and fulfill the following objectives in your presentation.
• Your presentation makes a definitive statement about the progress (or lack of progress) that has been made in your community since the Civil Rights movements of the 1960s.
• The photos are your own original work. The quality of your photos will not be assessed.
• Each slide supports or refutes the thesis that progress has been made in the community since the Civil Rights era of the 1960s.
Caution: Do not take pictures of children in public places or at schools. Photographing people is not recommended because it requires getting permission. Do not trespass on private property without written permission from the owner. If in doubt about the appropriateness of your proposed photo subject, consult your instructor.
Please take a look at the unit assignment grading rubric on the course syllabus before you submit. Use it as a checklist to see if you have answered all the required assignment questions and followed other requirements like the use of outside sources and APA formatting.
Your presentation should be between 6-10 slides with accompanying notes, and in addition, one title slide and one references slide.
Project requirements:
· Presentation illustrates and explains progress or lack of progress in a community since the movements of the 1960s.
· Photos are original, appropriate and illustrative of the community’s change.
· Supporting notes describe the relevance of the photos
· Presentation meets the posted length requirements
Heat Equation
The temperature variation u = u(a:,t) in a rod of length 1r. initially at temperature given by f(x). then
positioned with one end in ice and the other end insulated. can be modeled by the heat equation
c’3;u=6§u, OO,
with boundary conditions (BCs)
u(O, t) = O, 6Iu(1r,t) = 0,
and initial condition (IC)
u(a:,0) = f(x).
(3) Show that the general solution satisfying the heat equation and the BCs is given by
cc 2
2 + 1 2 + 1
u(a:,t) = 2A,, s1n 27) exp [- tj
(b) Show that. when fitting the IC, the unknown coefficients An can be determined from f(:r:) via
2 7″ . 2n+ 1
An – 1-r/0 f(a:) s1n dx.
You may use the result
“sin flat sin flat dz: 0’ nsém n,mEN.
0 2 2 1r/2, n = m
[10 marks] – Laplace’s Equation for an annulus
Find a solution 12 = v(r,9) to the following Dirichlet problem for Laplace’s equation in polar coordinates.
1 1
83v+;8rv+r-28§v=0, 1

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