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Population Size

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements
the subject about population size.
Use the 3 population reading sources (A, B, C – which I am going to upload them)
to write out about these points:
In the least developed countries (in particular, sub Saharan Africa), population is growing very fast, and is not likely to slow down soon:
a) Life expectancy is quite low (Haub,2012).
b) However, fertility rates, even though lower than in the past, are still above the replacement level and thus the rate of population increase is high (Dimick, 2014).
c) Low life expectance and high fertility rates are associated in these countries with
• Very low per capita income and low levels of education ( Haub, 2012),
• Insufficient access to and use of contraception, as well as sex education, and government spending on family planning ( Engelman, 2008), and
• More generally low status of women (Engelman 2008).
Ø You should write approximately (180-220) words.
Ø You must include a fully formatted list of references for the sources used in the passage.

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