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Proposal for Evaluation Argument/ Organic Agriculture.

Proposal for Evaluation Argument/ Organic Agriculture.          
Organic agriculture refers to farming that relies on techniques that limit the use of chemicals in farming in a move to stop pollution. To enhance soil fertility, organic farming relies on practices such as crop rotation, green manure and pest control. This is a very resourceful area to conduct research in since it will be in a move to control global warming and climate change. The essay focuses on the different aspects of organic agriculture on which research can be based to improve production and minimize pollution.
Organic agriculture was picked for discussion since it is a measure that can be adopted to address the sensitive issue of climate change and global warming through controlling pollution. The research can be based on the effects of organic agriculture on biodiversity (Bengtsson, 2005). The practices of farming adopted in organic agriculture are environment friendly are aimed at protecting the environment. Aspects that can be discussed under this topic are issues such as organic weed control, using organically grown foods to enhance health.
Case studies can be presented based on farmers that have successfully implemented organic farming to improve production. This will serve as a basic for evaluating the benefits and challenges faced in organic farming. Organic agriculture is a very appropriate topic for evaluation argument since the findings can be used to recommend measures that farmers need to adopt not only to increase agricultural production but also to conserve the environment (Bengtsson, 2005). Limiting the use of chemicals inputs in farming will be assed to determine the possibility of conducting farming without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

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