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Purpose of Study

Purpose of Study
I hereby wish to convey my enthusiasm to pursue a Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation. My name is xxx xx from Saudi Arabia. I am currently located in Toronto, Canada. I have for a long time had an interest in studying a course that is related to entrepreneurship and innovation, and I believe the master’s program presents with a real opportunity to improve business field.
I am currently taking an Academic English Program at George Brown College so as to improve English proficiency as I wait to start the masters program. I hold a Bachelor of Biology degree, which I specialized in Zoo Biology from the Faculty of Science Department at King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. I have always been interested in science subjects because I in sciences excelled during my high school studies. Engineering is a science I wish to continue with my studies in the field and diversify my science knowledge. This will be very helpful to me because it focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation.Innovation is required in every field for any organization to succeed or any venture to make it big. Therefore, I believe acquiring this knowledge is of utmost importance for my future endeavors.
Since childhood, I have always wanted to explore a career where few innovations have been done in the past. This explains the reason for my interest to study science in high school and at the university as well as my intention to pursue being a Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In my search to explore areas where little innovation has been done, I undertook a number of projects as well as conducting extensive research and analysis. My two strengths in the academic field are carrying out research and conducting the analysis. After graduating from King Abdul Aziz University, I had a burning sensation put my theoretical knowledge into practice, and I applied to teach high school biology. I was determined to foster the students’ love for the subject which made it fun working with them. I impacted a positive attitude in the students towards biology and science.
Once offered an opportunity to pursue this program, it is my sincere hope that I will make a difference in the field of biology. After the Masters program, I plan to return to my home country, where I would like to start research projects related to biology and Zoology and try to develop something that will be helpful to the people of Saudi Arabia. I would also like to start business projects in the field and probably to own one of the most successful organizations in the region. Having excelled in Biology, and combining that knowledge with the entrepreneur and innovation knowledge that I will acquire in this university if given the opportunity, I believe I will be fully armed to explore the business world and apply the business knowledge in science. It is my dream come true if I can start up an organization that will be successful and that will bring a difference. I feel that my education as well as the zeal to succeed provides me a good opportunity to study at your University.
McMaster University is an institution that is known for its strong reputation, knowledgeable and skilled staff as well as production of quality personality. It has produced great people who have succeeded and left marks in the respective fields they have worked. I would like to become part of this great team. I would like to make my mark at the university by participating in research projects as well as data analysis and other activities which I am interested. I am a focused student who is always committed to achieving my own personal objectives as well as help in the achievement of organizational goals. I promise to do my best and make my contribution in the Institution’s success.
The government of Saudi Arabia, through the Ministry of Higher Education, has offered me a full scholarship to study in any country. The scholarship will cater for my full tuition fees. I will be required to cater for my personal needs, but this will not be a big challenge and will not interrupt my studies. I have chosen to study in Canada because I believe I will get a quality education. I have had knowledge about the teaching techniques applied in the country for the time I have been pursuing an English program at George Brown University. The instructors are always committed to their jobs, and the success of students is their main objective. I like the education system in Canada and would like to do my masters program in the country. I believe that at the end of my program I will have something to take back to my native Saudi Arabia. In addition, I have been living in Toronto Canada, and I have familiarized with the environment. It is favorable to me, and it will be my wish to study in the country and live on throughout my study period.
I have strong communication skills and like working in a team. I also have competent leadership skills which enable me to contribute to the team. I am diligent, precise, hardworking and creative. My creativity will be of great deal if I get additional knowledge on innovation, and this will be a big stride for me and the people I will serve after graduating. I am cooperative and have the capacity to face and overcome challenges en route to the achievement of my objectives. Being in possession of these skills gives me core strength to leave a mark in your institution and also make an impact on this program as well as an innovator and entrepreneur. Innovation is important in the field of science because it will aid in research projects as well carrying out projects. On the other hand, entrepreneurship will help me realize business opportunities, which may arise in this field. I plan to start up one of the most innovative organizations in Saudi Arabia.
I am determined to attain the best grades, and I am prepared to be an active member of the program. I am aware that the field of engineering is challenging. I know that the field of interpreter and innovation is dynamic. The field of business needs people who can cope with this dynamism. However, I am ready to face the challenges and ready to use my skills to make a breakthrough in the field. If I get this opportunity, I believe that I will make a profound difference.
Thank you for your consideration,

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