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Purpose of the study

I would wish to express my interest in pursuing a Masters degree program in Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. My name is……. Currently, am studying Academic English at George Brown College based in Toronto, Canada. I also live in Toronto. Am holder of Bachelor’s of Home Economics & Education of Arts in Clothing and Textiles from King Abdulaziz University. Am interested in acquiring knowledge in the field of engineering, which I intend to apply in business practices and succeed in my own business within Saudi Arabia.
From a tender age, I have always been interested in doing and succeeding in business and always admired the most successful business people in my country. I used to read various articles on how to succeed in business. One thing that always recurred in almost all the articles that I read is that innovation is crucial to success in business. I learnt that one has to be innovative in order to be ahead of their competitors and that one has to be a great entrepreneur who can look for opportunities and capitalize on them. It is for this reason that I feel this is the most appropriate program for me. In this case, it will help me acquire the knowledge that I need to become an innovative entrepreneur.
My main area of interest is fashion and design, and intend to do business on the same. I already have knowledge in the field, having done courses on fashion and design in high school. I excelled in this field all through from high school to the university level. Combining my current knowledge with the knowledge that I will acquire if given an opportunity to pursue a Masters program in Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation will enable me succeed in my business in Saudi Arabia.
I own a clothing boutique in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which I started in the year 2010. I established the boutique with a close friend and we work as partners. Here, we design and maintain business records and participate in decision making. The urge to see the business excel gives me motivation to pursue the entrepreneur and innovation program since I want to input the best for good results. At the moment, I am in Toronto, and thus I cannot participate in the business operations directly. Therefore, we hired two seamstresses who will take over my responsibility in the mean time. Despite my absence, I am still able to participate in the running of the business since I email them a lot of designs, which I do while in Toronto. I am always committed to my business regardless of the distance, and I am always up to date on whatever is happening while I am not around.
I made the decision to pursue the program after the establishment of this boutique. This was mean to help me develop my skills and apply them in my business. Am guaranteed that fee payment will not be a problem since I qualified for a full scholarship that will be covered my government. The scholarship will cater for all my tuition fees for my studies in any country. I chose Canada as my first choice since it is one of the states that offer a high standard education. I already have information about the teaching methodologies of the Canadian education systems, which I have experienced since I enrolled for the English Program at George Brown College. McMaster University is one of the universities that have a strong reputation, knowledgeable and efficient professors, a strong curriculum and social groups, as well as activities that would be of great interested to me. It is for these reasons that I would wish to be part of the university.
I am a highly motivated student and wish to attain my childhood dreams. My interest to realize my dream has pushed me to apply for an advanced course in Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at this University. It will be an opportunity for me to pursue my desirable course. I believe it will be an experience that will be difficult to forget given the interest I have in the field. I would like to work on innovation projects in the field to enhance the knowledge I already possess. In addition to high motivation, I possess leadership skills, and I like to work in a team. I have strong communication skills and I am fluent in English having studied an English program at George Brown College. I am diligent, precise, hard working, creative, and cooperative. In addition, I can face challenges in any forum. It is my creativity that has enabled me to develop excellent designs for clothes sold in my boutique. I will even excel further and add to the skills if I take this course that incorporates innovation and entrepreneurship. I feel that these skills will enable me to make an impact as a student in your program and the business world as an entrepreneur and innovator.
Once I acquire the skills from this program, I will be well equipped to face the business world and excel in it. My plan are to return to my native country where I will apply the skills in my business. I will be able to explore any opportunities that come my way. In addition, I will be innovative enough to meet the consumers’ needs, as well as help the business to acquire a competitive edge. I will be able to engineer excellent designs that will meet the consumers’ preferences and tastes. My aim is to leave a mark in the business world within Saudi Arabia, and precisely, in the area of fashion and design. This dream will be highly facilitated if I secure a chance to do this program in your University. It is my ambition and drive that makes me believe that I will be resourceful to the University with a host of positive contributions.
I am a student who has always worked hard in my studies and volunteer myself when there is a need. My major accomplishment would be to see my boutique that sells abayas, dresses, and T-shirts become successful. I would feel honored if accorded this opportunity. I will commit myself to strive for excellence. I believe I will make a significant impact in my field with the skills I will acquire from this program.
Thank you for your consideration,

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