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Qualitative Data Anylsis

Assignment Requirements
BM7024 MARKET RESEARCH & DATA ANALYSIS QUALITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT Overview Kingston Department Store (KDS) is a well established department store that has recently been refurbished as part of a long term strategic plan that aims to maintain and develop the store’s customer base. Initial results, however, are disappointing in terms of turnover and customer footfall; in particular turnover has not risen more than might be expected in terms of market averages, while customer numbers are not dissimilar from last years’. This suggests something more needs to be done to increase the store’s patronage, both in terms of increasing loyalty among current customers and generating new ones. Problem statement KDS decided to undertake research to find out how it can make the store more attractive to customers, in particular among those with a degree of long term loyalty as distinct from one-off shoppers. Initially, exploratory qualitative research was conducted among existing customers to investigate their shopping habits and reasons and motivations for using KDS. The qualitative phase therefore seeks to find out what influences customers to shop at KDS. This implies a number of related questions, such as: · What features of the store encourage/discourage use? · What features of the store would customers like to see? · Of the kinds of goods that KDS supplies, which do customers NOT buy? · Where else do customers go to buy the same kinds of goods that they can buy at KDS? Interview schedule A short, semi-structured interview lasting around 15 minutes was conducted in-store among six customer groups (approx. 10 respondents per group) as they shopped. The groups were based on gender and broad age demographics, i.e. young [25-39]; middle aged [40-54] and older [55+] customers. The interview comprised the following questions: 1. How often do you shop at KDS? (prompts: weekly; monthly; twice a year) 2. Why do you shop at KDS? (prompts: buying/browsing; convenience – parking; product range/quality/price; transport links; staff – knowledgeable/polite/helpful/approachable; other aspects of shopping e.g. queues, café, lifts, toilets, facilities etc.) 3. How much time do you normally spend in the store? 4. What do you typically buy/intend to buy at KDS? 5. Do you also look elsewhere for the things you have come here to buy? (prompts: internet; rival stores; reasons for choosing). 6. Are there any products/range of products not currently stocked that you would like to see introduced in KDS? (prompts: why?) 7. Are there any products/ranges currently stocked that you never consider buying from KDS? (prompts: why?)2 Your task The text of nine short interviews conducted among one of the customer groups (i.e., females aged 40- 54) provides the data set for this assignment. Working in pairs (i.e. groups of two) your task is to undertake a manual analysis of the data. You should: 1. Briefly explain the stages involved in qualitative data analysis and the approaches that may be taken to coding. Use appropriate references. 2. Develop an initial coding scheme and apply it to the data, developing and applying new/emerging codes as and when necessary (i.e., open coding stage). Produce a code book for the data (including both initial codes and emergent open codes) and explain your approach to developing the codes. 3. Identify the broad categories and sub-categories that emerge in the second stage of coding (i.e., axial coding stage). Explain how you developed the axial codes. 4. Provide an explanatory account of the relationships between the categories and any core concept(s) that, according to your analysis, appear to underpin the data (i.e., what you think is ‘going on’) and help to answer the research question (i.e., selective coding stage). In addition to the above, each student within the pair should INDIVIDUALLY: 5. Write a reflective statement (500 words maximum for each person) that critically reflects on the way that you handled the analysis, e.g. any problems you encountered and how you resolved them, how you worked with your fellow researcher to produce the analysis, how you might benefit from the learning experience. Submission guidelines: · You should include in your submission: (1) your code book, displaying both the initial codes and the open (emergent) codes, and (2) the coded-up data itself. Coding can be either hand-written or word-processed – the left hand column has been left blank for the purpose. · Format/style: Your work should be produced in report style (i.e., use appropriate headings, sections and sub-sections) and is likely to be written in the first person plural (i.e., “we”) for the main report and first person singular (i.e. “I”) for the reflective statements, to reflect the nature of qualitative inquiry. · Very important point: For Tasks 2, 3 and 4 it is not sufficient to simply provide a list or table of your codes. You must include a narrative that explains and justifies your adopted approach, i.e. why you did what you did and how it led you to the next stage. · Word count: Very broadly in the region of 3,500 words, including the reflective statements (obviously the data itself is not included). State the word count on your work. · Deadline: by 9am Monday 9 th February 2015 in both hard copy via the Postgraduate assignment box (outside room 005) AND via Turnitin (do not include the data set in the latter) · Marks: This assignment accounts for 50% of the individual portfolio mark (see BM7024 Module Handbook for full details). Marks for Tasks 1-4 are awarded equally to each member of the pair; marks for Task 5 are awarded individually. Task Marking guidelines Marks available 1 Demonstrate understanding of the qualitative data analysis process and the approaches to coding. 20 2 Explain and justify your approach to developing the first-stage coding scheme. Develop a coherent code book, including descriptions of codes. Apply the codes to the data. 30 3-4 Explain and justify how you identified the categories and sub-categories. Identify the revised categorised/hierarchal coding structure. Write an explanatory account of the relationships between categories and any core concept(s) that underpin the data and answer the research question. 30 5 Demonstrate your abilities as a reflective researcher through an account of your reflections on how you tackled the analysis, e.g. how you resolved any problems encountered; how you worked with your fellow researcher; how you might benefit from the learning experience. 20 Total 1003 Note: The interviewer’s questions are shown in UPPERCASE. INTERVIEW 1 – JOAN HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Well it varies quite a lot. Sometimes I may come in three or four weeks running, Christmas time you know. Other times maybe not for a month. I suppose perhaps 20 odd times a year, could be more I try not to count! WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Umm that’s a difficult one….. Well I think it’s probably the best store in town, quality I mean, and you’re made to feel as though you’re important. CAN I ASK WHAT YOU MEAN BY QUALITY? WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL IMPORTANT WHEN YOU COME HERE? Products, you stock the better names, but price is important as well. I suppose what I mean is value for money. I don’t mind paying a bit extra as long as I feel there is value. Not only quality of products though, the staff are nice as well, helpful – well usually, some seemed to be a bit fed up just before Christmas. Most of the time though they make you feel like a valued customer, you know, not just another face at the checkout, but you know, they show respect and speak politely, actually speak to you rather than just stare past you. ARE THERE ANY OTHER REASONS YOU SHOP HERE? I know that I can usually find what I want here – I don’t have too much time to trail from shop to shop so if I can get most of my shopping in one place it helps. I also like to be able to park my car close by and the car park is good. As you can see I have my grand-daughter with me and it’s nice to have undercover parking with the spaces big enough to get the pram in and out of the car. What else… well I do like to be able to have a cup of tea and maybe a pastry. If my grand-daughter is with me, like today, then I know I can find her something she likes as well, a nice drink or some treat. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? A couple of hours unless I’ve just popped in to pick up a specific item – it was curtain rings once, I didn’t buy enough the first time I came in. So it depends – sometimes I get some things in here then pop over to John Lewis to check it out, just to be sure you’re not charging me too much WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? Things for house, bedding, curtains. We just re-decorated our bedroom and you had a much better selection of curtain fabrics here. I did go up to town but I didn’t really see anything I particularly liked and everywhere was so busy and by the time I’d put up with London Transport I was pretty fed up anyway – it made it such a long day. I also look at clothes, don’t always buy, I think you aim for the young and older market and forget that people of my age want style without being too ‘with it’ but we are not quite ready for the granny look yet. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? Well as I just said I think your fashions for mature working women needs a bit of an overhaul but other than that about right – oh there is one thing, my other daughter is getting married and you don’t have a complete bridal service, dress, veil, shoes, underwear. Use this column for your codes4 ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? Yes, the thing I never buy is large electrical goods, I do come here to look them over but then I order from the internet, the price is usually better and I’ve used one company that will give a very specific time-slot for delivery. There is nothing that annoys me more than being told Tuesday but no idea when on Tuesday. Shops seem to forget that most of us go out to work or have other commitments. Other things, if you have what I want I buy it, maybe leather goods, things like that. INTERVIEW 2 – FARIDEH HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Every week, Saturday afternoon, I make it an outing, my husband watches the football on TV and I enjoy the opportunity to have a good browse, try things on. He gets fed-up if he is with me and expects me to make instant decisions – I find that really hard so I prefer to go clothes shopping when he’s not around. WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? I like being able to wander around without having to go outside – I hate having to wear a heavy coat and I can come in wearing something fairly light if I drive and park in here. YOU SAY THAT YOU LIKE TO BROWSE, DO YOU USUALLY BUY SOMETHING AS WELL? Almost always, something takes my fancy – I suppose I’m a bit of an impulse buyer. If I see something I like I try it on and if it fits and isn’t too expensive then I’ll buy it. ARE THERE ANY OTHER REASONS YOU SHOP HERE? I like to feel I pay a fair price, and I can usually find things that aren’t too expensive. Also the stock changes quite frequently and as I’m a bit on the large size I’m pleased that you stock things for real women not just the skinny ones! The changing rooms are nice and the staff don’t ‘pounce’ on you, they give you time to look around. The staff are really helpful and they treat you with courtesy – really take an interest and they never seem rude. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? All afternoon, I usually have a snack in the middle, sometimes a friend meets me in the coffee shop and afterwards we have a look round together. WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? Mainly clothes for myself or presents for the family. If it’s household then my husband likes to be involved in the decision and he prefers out of town shopping ….he’d rather buy something like a sofa from a specialist shop. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS? Probably so he doesn’t have to look at anything else! Also I think, you know, a shop that specialises in something usually has the best products – whatever it is they specialise in – and you know you can trust them. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? Depends on my mood, if the weather’s nice I’ll have a wander around the other shops and I hate waiting for anything. If something is out of stock I can’t be bothered to order it so I’ll try Debenhams where they sell similar things. That’s really why I often can’t be bothered to buy things on the internet, 5 unless it’s something special or a big purchase, I really can’t stand waiting for things and I’d rather have them there and then. AS THAT IS THE CASE CAN YOU TELL ME WHY YOU SHOP IN KDS IN PREFERENCE TO DEBENHAMS? Debenhams is always a bit of a muddle and the spaces between the rails are very narrow so I always feel crowed, it’s much more spacious in KDS. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? Not really, your wide range is one of the reasons I shop here. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? Only things I know can get it much cheaper elsewhere, anything big like furniture maybe or electrical goods, in which case I would tend to check on the internet first and sometimes we’ll buy on the internet or maybe we might go to a specialist shop, say like Curry’s for something electrical. INTERVIEW 3 – DOREEN HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Not that often, every couple of months maybe, I’m not a shopaholic – I only go shopping when there is something I really need and I really prefer to buy from a catalogue or online so that I can avoid the crush ….I really don’t like the crowds these days, just too many people for my liking. WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? I suppose I’m most inclined to come here if I need advice about something. CAN YOU GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF THE SORT OF ADVICE YOU REQUIRE? If it’s a major project, like refurbishing the lounge, I like to be able to talk to someone about the quality of the various makes – someone who knows what they are talking about. I also like to be able to put things together to see how they go – a bit of curtain fabric against the upholstery. We did this last year and I found the staff really helpful, they didn’t make me feel as though I was being a nuisance or try to rush me into a decision. We bought most things for the room from here and I would do that again. It sort of makes sense to me and like I say, I did really like the fact that the staff were helpful and polite and they could suggest things from other departments, like curtains to go with the sofa, and you just wouldn’t get that in Sofas R Us or! ARE THERE ANY OTHER REASONS YOU SHOP HERE? It’s always tidy, you never see things left lying around, the toilets etc are nice – I think the toilets say a lot about a place, how they are kept, and if they are not kept nice then you have to wonder about the rest of the place, like the cafe, how clean is it?. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? Unless it’s a trip for something like the lounge then in and out as quickly as possible – no more than an hour. I hate queuing, some stores there always seem to be delays at the till – sometimes I’ve put a thing down and left. It’s not so bad at KDS though. WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? Things for the house, like with the lounge, and clothes mostly.6 DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? I do look on the internet and catalogues for things and I sometimes go to specialist shops but if it’s a department store, this would be my first choice. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? No. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? Toiletries – Boots is better and I can collect a prescription at the same time, and also I can get my points on my loyalty car – not for the prescriptions but for the toiletries, I mean. INTERVIEW 4 – GRACE HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Not often. I only come here when I need to buy something. I’m not one of those people who’re constantly buying things. I have better things to do with my time. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU CAME IN LAST? That was just before Christmas. I’ve come to return something that I don’t need now. WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? I can’t really say. I suppose because I used to come here with my mother. It was such a nice place in those days – a classy shop where the staff knew how to treat you properly. So I suppose it’s a kind of habit, though I wouldn’t normally say as such. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT STRIKES YOU NOW ABOUT THE SHOP COMPARED SAY TO OTHER SHOPS? Well … as you can see there’s rather a crowd; so many people and especially lots of young women with kids crawling around. A bit noisy, almost like a market place now. And the café is always full – it’s so difficult to find somewhere quiet to rest these days when you’re out shopping. WHAT ABOUT OTHER ASPECTS OF THE SHOP – THE GOODS, THE STAFF, AND SO ON? There’s not the variety there used to be when I was young. These days you can only find the same things wherever you go unless you go up to the West End of London that is. And even that’s becoming rather cheap these days. But it’s useful when you’re in a hurry and not too particular about what you want. I came in before Christmas to get a last minute gift for my niece – a nice hat with lacy trim – you see [showing the hat]. Then I found she’d got an identical one already – bought it on the internet her boyfriend said. You see what I mean about the same things turning up everywhere. So I’ve come to see if they’ll take it back as its not been touched. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? Only as much or as little as necessary – there’s not much here I would like for myself so there’s not much point in spending too much time here. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? Well as I said before I don’t normally come in here, and I only came in a hurry just before Christmas. If I was buying a hat for myself I would almost certainly 7 not come here. I would go to the West End, or perhaps to Kensington – there’s a lot of nice little boutiques opening up there, though they do close soon with depressing frequency. WHY IN PARTICULAR WOULD YOU CHOOSE THOSE SHOPS? The quality and styling of the garments in those kinds of shops is far superior to anything you can get around here. And for the most part the staff are extremely polite and courteous – they treat you like a lady, not just someone else in the queue as they do in most of the shops. Then the staff are often more experienced, unlike the young girls in here who only seem interested in polishing their nails, or talking across the counter to each other. INTERVIEW 5 – PAM HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Well I usually come in here two or three times a week, though to tell the truth I don’t always buy anything. I sometimes have a tea if I feel like it. Then sometimes I come in with my friend – she’s gone off on holiday this week, to Majorca. We go round the store looking at all the new things, and at what people are wearing. We like to people-watch and this is a really good place to do that! APART FROM SHOPPING AT THE CAFÉ, CAN YOU REMEMBER WHAT OTHER KINDS OF THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE BOUGHT HERE RECENTLY? I sometimes buy a little smoked salmon from the food counter – I’m very partial to smoked salmon, and they seem to have a good quality variety here. I think I bought a handbag last year, though that might have been over the road at BHS. This one you see – do you think they would have sold this kind here? No. I thought not. But I might have bought it here. If my friend was here she would have been able to tell you. Then I came in just after Christmas, for the sales – it’s always a good idea to come here as soon as you can for the sales, though these days the sales start long before Christmas don’t they? I bought one of those German Christmas cake things, I think, and some nice crackers that’ll do for next Christmas – I’ve put them in the cupboard under the stairs. My friend bought a new transistor as hers was stolen last month, and she bought some new shoes to take on holiday. WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Well it’s very convenient – I live just round the corner you see. I’ve lived there all my life and it was my parent’s house as well. Especially when it’s cold it’s nice to come in here and keep warm. I used to go to the Library but now it’s not so warm as it used to be – cuts in the Council funding they said. And there’s always lots of people about – it’s nice to see young mums with their children running about at weekends. It’s quieter in the weekdays you see – more people like myself, except at lunchtimes when all the office people come in. And the staff are always very nice and polite – there’s Rose on the tills in haberdashery, she always says hello, and Robert in the kitchen store always smiles. Once though I had a nasty shock when a new security man thought I was trying to steal things – I’d never do anything like that and the manager knew I wouldn’t so the young man was told off and I think he left soon after. I could tell them a thing or two about how people steal things – with being here so much you get to see all sorts of things you don’t normally notice. WHAT ABOUT OTHER ASPECTS OF THE SHOP – THE GOODS, AND SO ON? Oh the goods here are all fine quality, certainly for the area. This used to be a very high-class shop you know – my mother and I would walk past it, but we never went in. Then a few years ago it was renovated, and now it’s a much 8 more friendly place to go to. The prices are quite reasonable too, though if I’m shopping for food I generally go down to the market. Sometimes if you come in late you can get a good bargain on the meat counter as they have to sell things off. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? Well it depends what else I’ve got on in the day. My husband’s retired you see – had to stop work early, but then he usually goes out playing golf. So when he’s out I generally come in here. It I’m just shopping for something and I’m in a hurry then of course I don’t spend much time. WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? Well as I said, I bought some nice cake in the Christmas sale, and I probably bought this handbag here. I nearly always get a cup of coffee. Nothing regular you see – just odd things when I need them, and it’s convenient. You see if I need some biscuits, or some vegetables, and the market’s closed, or it’s too wet and windy, then I pop in here even though it might be cheaper at the market. I get the odd present, but that’s not often, for my aunt – she likes nicely scented soaps, and there’s usually a good selection here that’s not too expensive. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? Well like I said, I shop around, usually in the market. I’m not a big shopper, – cannot afford it for one thing, living on a pension and my savings. I’ve heard you can get things cheaply on the internet, but I wouldn’t know how to go about that. Someone at the Library said they could show me, but there’s always these youngsters on the computers there. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? I can’t think of anything. There’s always a lot of choice here, though some of the things are a bit on the pricey side. The staff are very helpful though. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? Well I wouldn’t ever buy any furniture – there’s a good little second-hand shop on the other side of the river where we’ve always been able to find a good bargain. Its wicked what some people throw out – the quality of some of the things we’ve got there, and it only takes a bit of new cloth or some polish to make it good as new. INTERVIEW 6 – ELENA HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? We [she and husband] come once a week, maybe once a fortnight, I think. Now you come to ask I’m not certain! (Laughs!). I don’t usually think about it! WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Most things really. We come here to do our regular shopping, particularly groceries and other provisions – stocking up the freezer and the like. Oh, and then there’s Christmas shopping – we did all our food shopping here, and bought a lot of the presents as well – there’s a wide range of things here you can buy that are suitable for ordinary presents. WHAT MAKES YOU CHOOSE TO COME TO KDS FOR THOSE KINDS OF THINGS? I suppose we’ve always come here since we moved into the area. There’s good car parking, and if my husband’s using the car, I can always pop along 9 on the bus. IF SAY A NEW NEIGHBOUR ASKED YOU WHERE TO SHOP, WOULD YOU SAY KDS HAS ANYTHING TO RECOMMEND IT APART FROM THE PARKING? The staff are generally helpful, though sometimes on a weekend or in holidays there’s a lot of temporary staff who don’t seem to know what they’re doing, and who spend a lot of time lounging around. But the regular staff are very good on the whole – help you with advice, including which things to avoid buying! Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. I hope I won’t get anyone into trouble. I’ve not had any problems with the quality of the goods, particularly food. You see we’re very into organic food, and they have a good selection here at reasonable prices. Those Farmer’s Markets are supposed to be good for that, but in my experience they’re not any cheaper than here, and sometimes the quality is worse. What else? It’s quite a nice place for a coffee with the new coffee shop they’ve opened last year, so I suppose that’s something else to recommend the place. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? Really only as much or as little as I have to. I don’t like hanging around more than I have to. The new checkout systems they have here are good – very fast, and very little queuing. Of course it depends what you’re buying. Last year we bought a new hi-fit, for instance, and we must have spent a good hour or so in the shop looking at some models and prices. And when we bought the sofa-set a few years ago we also spent a lot of time thinking about it. So to answer your question – it depends on the kind of thing we’re buying. WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? It’s mostly food, and then on occasion things like electrical goods, furniture and so on. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? Oh yes. The internet’s a great place to look around for things and compare them. But there’s no substitute for actually looking at something and seeing what it’s like, how big it is, pressing the buttons. All the same we sometimes go to other shops and look there if they haven’t got the model we’re interested in here. Then we get the shop to order it and they’re usually very good at that. YOU MENTION INTERNET USE – DO YOU BUY GOODS OVER THE INTERNET AT ALL? Well to tell you the truth we’ve also begun coming in here to look at things, and then buying them on the internet. Its nice having the service you get here, but when you think about saving say £50 or so then you’d be silly not to buy it on the internet, now that’s got more reliable. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? They’ve got a pretty good range of things – no not really. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? I suppose shoes is something we regularly buy that I’ve never bought here. I’ve looked at them, but there’s not the range and the quality is either too high, or too shoddy. One shop can’t supply everything you might need, and for shoes there are so many shoe shops around here its better to go there for choice and variety.10 INTERVIEW 7 – ANNE HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Only about twice a year. I usually come at Christmas and then again for the sales – winter and summer, though these days the sales seem to go on all the time, but I mean the main sale times, you know at the end of the summer and winter, so I suppose that’s 3 times a year altogether. WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Obviously when it’s sales time then I’m here to save money. I will have come before the sales if I’m looking for something in particular, say some new curtains, to see if you have what I want and then I will come in and get it. YOU SAID THAT YOU ONLY COME IN THREE TIMES A YEAR, IS THAT WHEN YOU LOOK AROUND? No, you asked me how many times I come to shop – that’s when I’m buying something – but I also come just to browse – perhaps once a month. I just spend time browsing around the departments and looking at various things, what I look at depends on the mood I’m in or maybe I’ve been thinking about buying something in particular, like some new cushions, so then I’ll just go and look at the cushions in soft furnishings. IS THERE ANYTHING ABOUT THE STORE OR THE PRODUCTS THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO COME HERE? I find it quite convenient here. I don’t feel hassled and I like the range of goods that you offer – particularly in the home furnishings area. At Sales time the price is right as well. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? If I’m browsing a couple of hours, Christmas shopping longer – maybe the whole afternoon by the time I stop for a coffee. Sales time as quickly as possible because I’m not very good with the pushing and shoving, it drives me mad and I get very frustrated trying to avoid banging shoulders with people. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? Yes I always check prices and if someone else has the same thing or something else that I like that is better value then I go there. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? You don’t stock much in the way of kitchen goods that I like but I can’t think of any particular range that I would suggest you stock. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? I never come here to buy clothes – you are just like all the other big stores, the stock is all the same. I go to small shops, you know, the boutiques and smaller independent shops where I can get something that everyone else won’t know exactly how much I paid for it or even worse find that everyone else is wearing. INTERVIEW 8 – LILY HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? About one a month. We [respondent and husband] can always think of something we want to buy, although we’re not all that materialistic, but we do like to have nice things around us.11 WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? We think it’s the best shop in town. HOW DO YOU MEAN, THE BEST? Well, it’s spacious and you stock a wide range of goods. I can come in here and know that I will probably be able to find what I want. I don’t really like trailing from shop to shop. I shouldn’t say this in front of my husband but I’m not prepared to spend hours searching around just to save a few pounds. I’d rather get the things I need in one place, so for me it’s very convenient to be able to come to KDS and find nearly all the things that I’d want to find in one place, you know, kind of under one roof. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? Perhaps a couple of hours, if I’m trying on clothes then it may be longer, especially if it’s for a special occasion. My husband will wander down to the book section while I make up my mind. He says it’s just to look but I’ve never known him not to buy at least one book. I think it’s those armchairs strategically placed that does it! WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? Apart from clothes and books presents for our daughter and son-in-law and anything I need for the house – in fact probably everything you sell. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? Not really, well yes I suppose we do buy books in Waterstone’s and places like that, but mostly we’ll buy them when we come here. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? I’d like some new garden furniture but you don’t sell that. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGES CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU NEVER CONSIDER BUYING FROM KDS? WHY? Well the obvious things like children’s clothing – our children are grown up now and they haven’t yet got children of their own. There probably are things I wouldn’t buy but I can’t really think of them at the moment. INTERVIEW 9 – LAURA HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? I probably come at least once a month. WHY DO YOU SHOP AT KDS? Quite a few reasons really, but car parking is really important to me – I want to part somewhere close by so I don’t have to carry heavy stuff far as I never know exactly what I might buy, so here I can park in the underground car-park and come straight into the store so it’s very easy. You stock my sort of things. The staff are helpful – I think that is really important you know. Some shop staff are just so off-hand, I like to feel that they know what they are talking about and that they have the time to help me. HOW LONG DO YOU NORMALLY SPEND IN THE STORE? Perhaps a couple of hours, no more than that. I usually come in your late night opening after I finish work so that rather limits my time just to wander around. It means that I just go to what I want to get and make a decision rather than having time to browse around.12 WHAT DO YOU TYPICALLY BUY / COME TO BUY AT KDS? Things for my-self mostly, sometimes presents for people. I’m on my own so if I want something then within reason I can have it. DO YOU ALSO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR THE THINGS YOU HAVE COME HERE TO BUY? I suppose so, yes, sometimes. WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU NORMALLY LOOK? There’s a lovely new store in Guildford, it’s bigger than here and somehow it seems more of an outing to go there – a bit of an adventure almost, somewhere different to go and a nice drive to get there. CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT MAKES IT MORE OF AN OUTING FOR YOU? Because it’s further away it’s more of an effort to go and it will be on a day off or at the weekend. I’ll have something nice to eat while I’m out as they have sushi there and they also have a nail-bar there and that’s how I finish the trip off. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS/RANGE OF PRODUCTS NOT CURRENTLY STOCKED THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE INTRODUCED IN KDS? No, I only look at clothes and personal things and you seem to have plenty of those. Mind you I would like you to have new stock in more frequently so there’s something new to see more often rather than coming in and finding the same things on the rails every time.
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