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Questionnaire with employees


When you say motivational issues can you be more specific for example is it communication issues, social, cultural etc?

As we are a mixture of nationalities from French, English, Chinese, Niuean, Tongan; I believe that sometimes we have have some communication issues due to the culture and language of each employees within the company. While at the same time, as we are a medium size company and we tend to be very busy, I believe that we do not have enough group meetings to discuss any service, operational, sales, development forecast issues. At the same time as we are part of a group, and this can have some inconvenience in term of directive and communication as other offices are based overseas and include French and Australian culture.
Weak leadership, lack of group meetings, lack of control and incentives, lack of personal development, lack of career development

How does motivation affect your department/company in a positive way?

Indeed this is a very important part of the company since due to the small size of the company, it is essential that each employees gives all their support and effort. We believe it is important that we tell our employees our goals and objectives, and also that we give them our company sales & profitability figures on a monthly basis. We also give our employees bonuses, gift cards, and commission based on their in-house sales and performance. We also give them a non monetary verbal and written incentive on a weekly basis base on their weekly performance.
It is essential for the department to be motivated in order to prosper well

How does motivation affect your department/company in a negative way?

This affect the morale of each employees and we tend to inform them of our profitability and service performance on a monthly basis. It is important that we keep each of our employees and we hope to employ more employees as the company grows. It is very important to always make sure to pay our employees on time & never miss a pay cycle as they are our key customers. We tend to work as tight family group in order to surpass the hard time of economic recession. This can also benefit the company as the employee understand the situation and therefore support the company objective while at the same time they know they still have a job.
Poor performance, decrease in sales, decrease in company growth, redundancy

What are some of the examples of motivational issues that you have come across in your department/company?.

In order to maintain good motivation within the company, we tend to talk to each others & make sure to keep them inform on the company situation and objectives. We get each managers & employees to get together for dinner or lunch; have a few drinks after work on a Friday evening, we offer free lunch at the employee’s choice on their birthday. Training is also an important part of the company policy, and we also give then opportunities as to go up the ladder within the organisation. Opportunity to work overseas in our other offices is also an option that we offer to our employee.
Workers take long lunch breaks; they are late and leave the workplace earlier, they do not respond to the emails/correspondence immediately, they leave work for later

What impact do these issues have on your department/company

Decrease in motivation and employee tends to look elsewhere for work.
Decrease in overall performance, decrease in company growth, company bad reputation, company is losing customers

Do you have any current systems in place to deal with these motivational issues, if so could you explain the effectiveness or lack of?.

KPI is an important performance measure. Talking to each employees and giving them the company goals and objective and also the company performance and profitability, so they are aware that they are part the company. Customers feedback, profitability measure, & customer retention.
Customer’s feedbacks, internal performance control

Do incentives increase work performance?.

Yes they do and as the company becomes both profitable and increase in productivity, then incentives are given to employees as they are the most important customer of the company.
Yes. They encourage workers in order to improve performance

What kinds of incentive methods are most effective?.

Salary increase, training, gifts, birthday / Christmas gifts, commission, bonuses.
Benefits, increase in salary, promotion

Which are more meaningful for you: tangible (salary increase, bonus etc.) or intangible (personal development) incentives?.

We believe that both monetary and non monetary incentives are important and we must remember that employee are people so an enjoyable and safe work environment is most important. Also the company participate on family staff reunion / parties rather than just having parties with the employee and management alone.
In short term-tangible, in long term intangible
Employee Survey
Please rate the following statements.
1 – Strongly Disagree
2 – Disagree
3 – Fair
4 – Agree
5 – Strongly Agree

You are satisfied with your role in the company                                1          2          3          4          5
You look forward to coming to work every day                                1          2          3          4          5
Management provide good incentives to get the job done                 1          2          3          4          5
I feel appreciated and valued for the work I do                                 1          2          3          4          5


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