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racism in Sami Indigenous population

racism in Sami Indigenous population
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You will work with other students to produce an online report about a specific population. For the report, you will apply a public health framework to the critical evaluation of the impact of social, cultural, economic, and political factors on the population and development of strategies to address these factors. You will apply academic skills, including principles of literature searches, referencing, academic integrity, and team work.
Each student in the group will write about a separate issue related to this population in consultation with the other students in the group.
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I will focus on an Indigenous population. I will talk about the following population: Sami (Scandinavia and Kola Peninsula of Russia),
Each of the four group members will address a social determinant of health within the Indigenous population, and the group will decide which determinant is addressed by which member. The determinants to be addressed are: gender, socioeconomic position, place of residence, and racism.
• Within the selected culture, what aspects of your determinant (racism) historically and currently impact health behaviours and health outcomes?
• How does this determinant (racism) interact with other social determinants in this culture?
• What can be done to address this determinant (racism) within the selected culture?
To address these questions, apply concepts learned in PUN106 and collect relevant material from academic journal articles, academic books/textbooks, government reports, and websites sponsored by governmental organisations, reputable non-profit organisations, and universities (no Wikepedia, no blogs, no magazines, no opinion pieces). You can reference resources from PUN106, and anything taken from class should reference the primary resource from which it came. Be sure to reference all material taken. You are encouraged to add images to provide visual interest in your page.

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