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read carefully the question on the subject guide

Study Books Used in Class:
you will find all the important references and documents recommended in the subject guide.
Description:     Student Assessment
Students are required to hand in two written pieces of work .
Assessment 1:
Choose one of the three topics below
Value 50%
Length 3,000 words
Format Essay
Question 1.
Based on your understanding of arts and cultural development in Australia, what do you consider will be the future place of publicly funded arts and cultural practices/organisations in this country and what will be the likely scenarios of future arts and cultural funding?
In framing your response, give critical consideration to the implications of recent significant reports and the emphasis on increasing alternate revenue streams for arts and cultural activity.
Question 2.
. …class and culture are both vertically ranked in mutually reinforcing ways. The culture of the highest classes becomes the most distinguished culture, apparently because it is innately superior but really because it is the culture of those who rule. In its turn, culture is a class signal that helps to maintain class domination and to shape individual life chances, much as economic capital does. (Erickson, 1996)
In light of post modern argument, and the rise of popular culture and entertainments (festivals and events), how defensible is the above position?
Question 3.
Choose an arts/cultural organisation (eg contemporary visual arts organisation, artist run space, chamber orchestra, small theatre company, museum or gallery, festival, arts lobby group etc). Review the organisation’s policy and strategy with regard to audience maintenance and development. This may include policy commitment to community access and participation, diversity etc. Assess the various strategies and programming in place ie. marketing, public relations, use of digital /social media, and education and public programming.
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