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Vyas, M. A., & Patel, Y. L. (2009). Teaching English as a second language: A new pedagogy for a new century. New Delhi: PHI Learning Private Ltd.
There are three stages used in the pedagogical framework of teaching all-inclusive reading courses through guidelines such as the pedagogical model. The basic stages are pre-reading stage, while-reading stage, and post-reading stage respectively. In the pre-reading stage the teacher starts with questions to provoke the thoughts of the students to comprehend the meaning and organization of the text. This knowledge must be linked to previous knowledge. While-reading stage involves reading the text twice, the first reading being done with speed involving skimming and scanning techniques. These skills are essential to activate the schemata of students. The post reading stage evaluates and examines the student’s level of understanding, amalgamates their language competences and engages them in interactive group activities. In this particular stage the students may attempt to answer questions raised during the pre-reading stage and other question added by the teacher (Vyas & Patel, 2009).
Xu, S. H. (2010). Teaching English language learners: Literacy strategies and resources for K-6. New York: Guilford Press.
Comprehension strategies are very complex and are usually invisible. Many students encounter challenges with comprehension, not as a result of not being able or their ability to understand, but as a result of not being taught how to comprehend. Instructional strategies of communication such as read aloud and directed readings are two suitable strategies that can be employed to this purpose. Read aloud aims to enable comprehensive input to encourage oral language growth, here the teacher assumes the bulk of responsibility by asking questions, reading and selecting linguistic texts for discussion. In the course of guided reading, the learners continue to obtain assistance from the teacher, though not in the same quantity as in the read aloud, which encourages them to take responsibility. Traditionally this system was used in primary grade but of late it has been incorporated into the upper grade as well (Xu, 2010).
Reading Resource bank 1


Chang’s Paper Pony
Chang has come with his grandfather to California from China. Chang’s dream is to own a horse of his own
Interactive read aloud,
story maps, guided reading

Pepe and Papa
Father and son take advice of different people on how they should carry their chilis to market.
Asking questions
Interactive read aloud

Hill of Fire
Every day is the same for Pablo’s father. A volcano is erupting in the middle of his cornfield.
Preview view and review,
Guided reading

Count on Pablo
The story shows a young boy who is excited about counting and whose creative idea helps his abuela sell all of her vegetables at the market.
Guided reading,
Asking questions, and think aloud

The Outside Dog
Is about a little girl named Marisol and her grandfather who does not like dogs.
Comprehension process motion,
Preview view and review, and story maps

Tonight is Carnaval
This book is about a family in the mountain of Peru and how they prepare for Carnaval.
Use of games,
Anticipation guide, and
Interactive read aloud

Nadia’s Hands
This is a story of a Pakistani-American girl, who comes to understanding of the rich culture she has inherited.
Story maps, interactive read aloud, and comprehension process motion

A Birthday Basket for Tia
A young girl wants to give her great-aunt a wonderful gift for Tia’s 90th birthday.
Interactive read aloud,
story maps, guided reading

Tomas and The Library Lady
Is the story of a Mexican American boy named Tomas and the impact that a kind librarian and a multitude of books had on his life.
Story maps, interactive read aloud, and anticipation guide

Everybody Cooks Rice
A child is sent to find a younger brother at dinnertime and is introduced to a variety of cultures through encountering the many different ways rice is prepared at the different households visited.
Preview view and review,
Guided reading, Interactive read aloud

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