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Reading Response – Media Nations in a Globalized World

PART A) The response does not need to be a formal essay. It can be in the form of a journal entry, a letter to a friend telling her/him what you think of the readings. You may give an emotional response (hated it! loved it!) but MUST go beyond this to say what you think of the writers’ arguments i.e. why do you hate or love what they had to say? Do they contradict or confirm each other? Do you see a link between them and other course texts? Is there a current issue in the news or popular culture that helped you to understand the readings? Your response can also be in the form of questions and comments. If you post questions, they should be about the themes in the readings rather than requests for definitions or examples that you can find yourself. Similarly, your comments should be about the arguments and themes in the course texts and they should go beyond “I like x” or “I disagree with y.” You need to go further and explain why you like x or disagree with y.
PART B) Post one relevant material from the media on the themes in the end.These may include links to news stories, YouTube videos and any other material you find that helps to illustrate or explain some of the issues we are studying in this class

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