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Why must people go green?
How does it affect the environment?
You may have undoubtedly noticed that everyone is going green, the term going green is probably every where you set your eyes be it on fashion trends, politics, daily news headline and technological developments.  It is virtually impossible to avoid it on the internet, and of late there has been the emergence of fully dedicated TV channels that talk and advocate for the world going green.  When confronted by the question of going green most people tend to think about the immediate solutions to the problem ignoring the main issues that require us to go green. Probably the main focus should be the question why should we go green? Only after answering this question, can we start to appreciate the efforts made by environmentalists to preserve the ecosystem. Thanks to globalization the world continues to grow even smaller and smaller. Though the internet and other modern communication technology, it has become relatively easy for people to understand how the lives of human beings are closely synced to each other, and closely intertwined to the plants and animals ecosystem. To this effect, green house emissions from Canada can affect a deteriorating forest in Congo, and pesticides used in china can affect the health of individuals in Europe, to mention just a few .
Truthfully speaking it is evident that every action we take has a positive or negative impact on the environment. However, as individuals we all have the capacity to ensure that we make the right choices and, hence, creating the desired impact starting from our homes, to what we eat, energy sources we use, clothing we wear, and even how we shop or vote all have a big impact on the global environment. According to the United States Environment Protection Agency carbon foot prints are evaluated on the summed emissions from greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.  To eradicate this adverse effect on the planet, advocacy on green living has been a critical factor in changing consumer concentration from non-renewable energy solutions to renewable power alternatives
There are many reasons why we should go green. First and foremost, it has been noted that most environmental conservation activities have the ripple effect of saving on finances. Use of energy is a principal example.  On every instance that we switch of a light bulb that is not in use, dry our clothes in the open air wash our dishes or clothes manually or by switching off the air conditioning system, we substantially reduce the energy consumption in our houses.  This means that we can reduce the over dependence on fossil fuels in the powering of our homes, this also translates to lower electricity and gases monthly bills. This extends also to vehicles, it has been proven that driving a smaller vehicles, or a simple car actually saves costs on fuel and other payments, and eventually translates to a reduced carbon footprint
Most of the environmentally degrading byproducts of human activity, pose a health risk to both humans and the ecological system as a whole.  Air and water pollution from factory effluents have been documented to have severe and adverse effects on the natural and human ecology, such that most insurance companies have been noted to charge higher premiums based on their clients proximity to potential industrial hazards. This also concerns the privately owned motor vehicles, which contribute their own fair share of environmental degradation through smoke pollution.  The underlying factor is that by polluting our environment, we are harming our selves. If we can reduce our personal and business pollution and keep them at minimal levels, it goes a long way in reducing the risk of health complications
Going green involves taking physical measures to reduce the impact of our carbon print.  Whether it is through using public transportation when we go to work, use of manual machinery such as lawnmowers or strolling instead of riding on the golf cart, we can not that most of these measures used to reduce our carbon print and the impact it has on the environment, encourage us to engage in physical activities. These increased physical activities actually help the body to regain its physical fitness. Whether we want to look good or just want to feel good, going green is a move in the right direction.  The process of changing to clean energy sources, in an expansive county like America will have an overwhelming impact on the regional environment. If oil, coal and other fossils fuel could be substituted on a wide scale by potentially environmentally friendly alternatives, the United States could drastically reduce its carbon foot print margins. The national resource defense council holds that, the resultant consequence of such a shift may be the creation of numerous new jobs in the American society. In a period of economic regression, job creation is among the best incentives to go green
Scientists argue that it is not possible for the current living generation to experience the effects of their environmental degradation during their lifetime. This means that the effects of environmental pollution are mainly felt or experienced by the subsequent generations. For this reason it is of paramount importance that the existing generation should preserve the environment for the benefit of the coming generations, we should note that our children and their children also depend on our present management of the environment.  Although considerable damage has already been inflicted on the environment, it can never be too late to institute positive changes on the future of the world. By adhering to some or most of the environmentally conducive alternatives we will be securing our children’s future, subsequent generations will thank us for going green
How does it affect the environment?
Subscribers to the green living ideology encourage individuals to exist in a more environmentally conducive manner, and there are various different ways to go green. Whereas most individuals are cognizant that going green is beneficial to the earth and the world in general, they may not fully comprehend the extent of its influence. Going green has numerous positive side effects associated with the environment that lead to clean water and air, sustain the existing natural resources and reduce the brunt of global warming
Going green is beneficial to the environment as it hugely decreases the amount of pollution that is released to the environment through water, soil, and air. By making use of alternative sources of energy, and circumventing the use and burning of fossil fuels, minimizing and recycling waste and driving more efficient vehicle models, and ensuring the minimal pollutants find their way into the environment. For  instance, in a survey carried out by the environmental protection agency, it was revealed that the general air quality in the united states was gradually improving but by 2008, an average of 127 million American were still residing in areas with a considerable hazarders levels of air contamination
Going green has also resulted in reduced green house gas emissions.  Green house gas emissions like carbon dioxide are perceived to be a principle contributing factor in global warming.  For example it is estimated by the United States Department of Energy, that about 1.7 billion tons of the lethal carbon dioxide gas is emitted by motor vehicles every year. By generally decreasing the amount of time u spend driving, carrying out maintenance on motor vehicles or making use of green vehicles such as the hybrid; we can considerably reduce our contribution of carbon dioxide to the global warming phenomenon
Green movement also plays a very vital role in the preservation and conservation of natural resources. It is noted that most if not all the worlds electric power is produced through burning of fossil fuels and the limited nature of their availability and supply makes them unmaintainable on long term basis. Reduction of daily energy consumption, making use of alternative sources of energy and continuous recycling of waste products tremendously minimizes the strain on the existing natural resources and significantly reduces the frequency of emissions.  It is generally approximated that recycling of a single plastic bottle is able to conserve enough electrical energy to power a 60- watt electricity bulb for a period of about six hours
One of the principle factors underlying the ideology of going green is the emphasis of reducing potential consumption, which in the long run leads to less production of waste. We are encouraged to recycle and reuse various items in a bid to reduce wastage, as frequently as we get the opportunity to do so. By reducing the amount of waste generated, we aid the environment by reducing the potential amount of waste and litter that will finally end up in landfills, where they undergo biodegradation resulting into the emission of carbon dioxide, which contributes tremendously to the depletion of the ozone layer, resulting into global warming. We are also encouraged to recycle rather than using incinerators to burn waste, which tends to release smoke and other potentially hazarders pollutants into the environment
Going green also encourages the preservation of wildlife habitats for particular species of wild animals. It is argued that a lot of animal, plant and insect species are rendered extinct as each day passes due to the depletion and deforestation of rain forests. By minimizing our consumption of paper products, purchasing recycled products and recycling whenever the opportunity presents itself, we can significantly contribute to the reduction of the rate at which extinction of various species takes place within forested areas. Going green also critically decreases the threat  to aquatic wildlife that are killed each year due to constant polluting or dumping of trash in the water supply systems

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