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Response paper: Intercultural Studies

Response paper: Intercultural Studies
This is a ‘response paper’.
>>Edward T. Hall and Mildred T. Hall say that, “The essence of effective cross cultural communication has more to do with releasing the right responses than with sending the ‘right’ messages.” Using one of the key concepts found in Key Concepts – Underlying Structures of Culture, explain what this quotation means to you.
1.    I will upload “ICC KEY CONCEPTS – Hall and Hall” file.
2.    2 page (2 full pages) and double spaced, 12 sized font, Times New Roman.
3.    Papers will be evaluated based on your understanding of the material, application of concepts and ideas, and clarity of your writing. All response papers should also be thoughtful, engaged, developed and responsive as well.
4.    I will upload “ICC Class Notes” file.
5.    I think you need to provide some examples/experience (either personal or general). When you are using personal examples, please avoid ‘too personal’ examples. (p.s I am a female).
6.    I don’t want wordy sentences. I want a simple(avoid repeating similar idea), clear, and thoughtful paper. Also, please avoid too academic words. You don’t have to use difficult words.
7.    You may use outside source. If you do, please cite the source properly.

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