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Restoring Confidence

Restoring Confidence
Several years of training and experience contributed to this achievement. While serving as a volunteer in the health care department, I contributed a lot in educating nurse about handling of patients electronic health records (EHR). The EHR concept employed more knowledge of information systems   I found that majority of the medical practitioners had little knowledge and skills pertaining to electronic systems. This limitation contributed much to confidentiality and security problems of patients ihealth reacords . Many of unauthorized personnel were able to access confidential information about the patients health records.
As a result of this, majority of patients had lost confidence in the EHR system and medical practitioners at large. Restoring ptients confidence in medical practitioners and the electronic health recording system was a major priority. EHR system comprised of many fuctions and incorporated many forms of coded data. Most of the medical practitioners seeked assistance from the secreteraial staff to feed and store patients health records.This contributed to leaking of patients information. Educating the medical fraternity was a sought of a big challenging in itself since most of them had little or no prior basic knowledge about computers.
Restoring the confidence in patients by enhancing nurses skills and knowledge about EHRs was one of my greatest achievement.
Creating Synergy
I landed my first job as a technical developer. This helped me to discover my hidden potential. I was selected to head the technical development team in Hewlett Packard Company. The company was using outdated information systems which contributed to inefficiency and more delays. I managed to persuade the management to allow my efforts in developing and testing new softwares. However, my new stautus in the company made the authority to be reluctant in considering my request. Undeterred by their reluctance, I made my own personal efforts to address the issue.
Afterwards, the management appreciated my efforts to improve the situation. Once, I was handed the mantle, I knew reestablishing a new and updated information system was crucial in the development of the company. However, this was not easy, and it required much attention. Leading the team was also great challenge due to my age and gender. We addressed this challenge and reestablished the existing information systems, as well as introduced newer systems which were effective and efficient.
This achievement enhanced my experience in dealing with high ranked officials despite my young age. The partnership portrayed in this project was beneficial to the company, its employees and their consumers at large. To date, I still recall this achievement as an opportunity that paved way to success in my profession.
Authenticating my vision
Initiating an accounting software in my final university project was a major accomplishment that shaped the direction of life. After working on the project for several months, I noticed that I had made major mistakes. This left me quite frustrated, but there was no time to quit since the project was a key determinant of my career. I knew that, whether I liked it or not, I had to overcome this big obstacle in my way within the limited time left.
I devised an effective plan to reorganize my project. This included investing much of the remaining time on the project. My attitude was a great motivation to my fellow colleagues who had reached the same stalemate like me. In return, this gave me a lot of inspiration to carry on and even keep the others moving. Eventually, I managed to improve my project and made it the best amongst the other projects.
The project brought me a good experience of commitment and never giving up. Apart from the project being the best overall, this accomplishment was crucial in validating my professional vision in my future endeavors.

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