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Scottish candidate number

Scottish candidate number
1 Answer all the questions in Section A and any two questions in Section B. 2 Read each question carefully before you answer. 3 Write your answers in the spaces provided. 4 Show all working and units. 5 Do not write in the margins. 6 Do not sketch in ink. 7 Reference should be made to the Standard Grade and Intermediate 2 Data Booklet (2008 edition) which is provided. 8 Before leaving the examination room you must give this book to the Invigilator. If you do not, you may lose all the marks for this paper. Use blue or black ink. Pencil may be used for graphs and diagrams only.
EEPROM 3 (ii) State the name of part A which carries information between the sub-systems. 1 The PBASIC command shown below was used to set up the input and output pins on the microcontroller. let dirs = 41 (b) (i) Complete the PBASIC command below by converting 41 to binary. let dirs = % (ii) State which pins are set as outputs with this PBASIC command. 1 (6) [X036/201] Page two 1
With reference to the logic diagram shown in Figure Q2(a): (i) write the Boolean expression for output Z in terms of inputs A, B and C; Z= (ii) complete the truth table below for the security system. A 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 B 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 C 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 3 D E Z 3
An LED is used in the security system to show when it is in operation. (b) (i) Complete the circuit shown in Figure Q2(b) so that it will allow an LED to indicate when the security system is in operation. +5 V Figure Q2(b) (ii) State the function of the resistor in the circuit. 1 (9) [X036/201] Page three [Turn over 0V 2
Figure Q3 The ski jumper has a mass of 65 kg. (a) Calculate, showing all working and units, the potential energy of the ski jumper when stationary at point A.
2 The ski jumper descends down the ramp and has a potential energy of 31·5 kJ at point B. (b) Calculate: (i) the kinetic energy of the ski jumper at point B (assume no loss of energy);
2 (ii) the velocity of the ski jumper at point B.
3 (7) [X036/201] Page four
Marks 4. A control system used to maintain the speed of a DVD while playing is shown in Figure Q4.
Figure Q4 State the name of symbol X. 1
(i) State the type of feedback shown in Figure Q4. 1 (ii) Explain why this type of feedback is used.
1 (c) Describe, using appropriate terminology, the operation of the system. The speed is set
5. A car production line uses a microcontroller to operate a spray painting system. The flowchart and the input and output connections are shown in Figure Q5.
is car sensed? no yes wait 2 seconds 7 spray paint on spray arm forward wait 5 seconds 6 5 4 3 spray arm backward car sensor wait 5 seconds 2 1 0 no has this been done 5 times? yes all off spray paint spray arm forward spray arm backward input connection pin output connection
(a) Complete, with reference to the flowchart, input/output connections and the Data Booklet, the missing PBASIC commands. symbol counter = b0 let dirs = %11100000 main: ‘set b0 as counter ‘set input and output connections ‘test car sensor ‘wait 2 seconds ‘set counter for 1 to 5 let pins = %11000000 pause 5000 ‘spray paint on and spray arm forward ‘wait 5 seconds ‘spray arm backward pause 5000 ‘wait 5 seconds ‘check counter ‘all off ‘loop to main (b) State an advantage of using a microcontroller over a hardwired electronic circuit. 7
6. An electrical circuit used to operate three lamps in a child’s night light is shown in Figure Q6. 6V 100 O
Figure Q6 Calculate, showing all working and units: (a) (i) the combined resistance of the lamp and resistor branch;
1 (ii) the total circuit resistance;
3 (iii) the total circuit current;
2 (iv) the power used by the circuit.
2 (b) Indicate, with a cross (?) on Figure Q6, where an ammeter should be connected to measure the total current in the circuit.
D – diameter ? (3 rev/min) Figure Q7(a) (a) State the name of gear A. 1 (b) Calculate, showing all working and units: (i) the velocity ratio of the drive system;
2 (ii) the diameter of pulley D.
Marks 7. (continued) The gearing is to be replaced with a belt drive. The three belts shown in Figure Q7(b) were considered.
(i) State, with reference to Figure Q7(b), which belt would be used to reduce the amount of slippage in the drive system. 1 (ii) Explain why the belt you have chosen reduces slippage.
Marks 8. (continued) (a) State the full name of the following pneumatic components. Valve 1 Valve 3 (b) Describe, with reference to Figure Q8, the operation of the pneumatic circuit. Valve 1 is actuated 2
SECTION B Attempt any TWO questions (Total 40 marks) 9. Figure Q9 shows the circuit diagram for an automatic water heater. 5V Water temperature sensor
Figure Q9 (a) Describe, using appropriate terminology, the operation of the circuit when the on switch is pressed to heat the water. When the on switch is pressed
4 (b) A SPDT relay is used in the system. (i) State the full name of this relay. 1 (ii) Explain why a relay is required to operate the heating element.
The system is set to heat water to 25 °C. (c) Determine, with reference to the Data Booklet, the thermistor type used in the system if it has a resistance of 5 kO at 25 °C. 1 (d) State the function of the variable resistor in the circuit.
1 When the transistor is saturated, V1 is found to be 1 V. (e) Calculate: (i) the voltage V2;
1 (ii) the resistance of the variable resistor RV.
2 The 230V, 6 A heating element takes 20 minutes to heat 25 kg of water to 25 °C. (f) Calculate: (i) the electrical energy supplied to the heating element;
1 (iii) the change in temperature of the 25 kg of water during this time;
2 (iv) the starting temperature of the water, if the final temperature is 25 °C.
1 (g) Describe two reasons why it is important to conserve energy.
Draw a free body diagram of the system shown in Figure Q10(a).
2 (b) Calculate: (i) the reaction force RA (take moments about RB);
3 (ii) the reaction force RB.
) Complete, with reference to the flowchart, Data Booklet and the input/output connections, the PBASIC commands to lower the platform. init: let dirs = %11110000 symbol mark = b0 ‘set input and output connections ‘set b0 as mark ‘set b1 as space main: ‘test guard sensor ‘test down switch set: let mark = 5 let space = 10 ‘set mark to 5 ms ‘set space to 10 ms ‘jump to sub-procedure down goto main ‘loop to main ‘end of main program down: ‘motor on ‘wait mark low 7 pause space ‘motor off ‘wait space ‘return to main program 8
Figure Q10(c) (ii) Label the mark and space on Figure Q10(c). The values for the mark and space are stored in the RAM of the microcontroller. (e) State: (i) the full name of RAM; 1 (ii) the meaning of the term volatile. 1 (20) 1
is to be actuated by an electrical signal.
(i) State the name of this actuator. 1 (ii) Sketch the symbol for this actuator below.
1 (b) (i) Sketch on Figure Q11(a) the pneumatic device that will create an adjustable time delay after the piston outstrokes. (ii) State the name of component 2 . 1
force (c) Calculate the force of the piston as it outstrokes.
3 ( d) Explain why the instroke force of the piston will be less than the outstroke force.
2 (e) State a reason, other than cost, for using pneumatic systems in an industrial environment.
B Z C Figure Q11(b) A 7404 and a 7408 Integrated Circuit (IC) are required to construct the control system. (f) State, with reference to the Data Booklet: (i) the full name of each IC; 7404 7408 (ii) the name of this IC’s logic family; 1 (iii) a suitable supply voltage for the ICs. 1 2

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