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Selection Procedure for HR Manager

Selection Procedure for HR Manager
To recruit people for a particular job position, organizations request applications from qualified candidates. After receiving the job applications the organization selects the appropriate candidates for the position through different processes such as interview, job sample performance test(s), cognitive ability test(s), personality inventory, a polygraph, reference checks, a physical exam and others. Interview as a selection criterion for an entrance level managerial job at Wal-Mart Inc. has been analyzed in this paper. A job interview is the process of asking questions from the prospective candidate about his/her qualifications about the job being applied for. The interview process involves asking questions from the candidate to identify the skills and experience suitable for a specific job position. The interview process should seek to get people with valid performance, and are reliable now and in the future. The entire process should be legal, fair and feasible because a lot of investment is done to ensure the company achieves the best employees (Fisher, Schoenfeldt & Shaw, 2008).
Nature of the Managerial Job
The managerial position involves managing all employees at one of the departmental stores of Wal-Mart Inc. The human resources manager will have the responsibility of assigning duties to all employees of the store and ensuring that issues relating to employees are dealt with. The manager will liaise with the labor union of the employees to provide a good work environment. Resolving conflicts among employees will be another role for the human resource manager. He/she will also have an obligation of collecting data about all employees in the organization and aligning the data with all the resources of the organization. The manager will be dealing with issues relating to remuneration of the employees in the organization. This will involve adjusting wages when need arises, solving problems of poor wage rates to the employees, and aligning the remuneration of all employees to the resource capacity of the company.
The prospective candidate should have adequate knowledge about laws concerning human resource management in a multinational company. He/she should possess hands-on experience about managing employees in a similar company. The candidate should have good leadership skills to influence employees to contribute willingly to the goals and objectives of the company. The candidate will be responsible for reporting to the top management team as well as the chief executive officer. He/she will collect reports from managers from lower levels of authority and delegate duties to them. The ideal candidate should be ready to work under minimum supervision and for long hours. Self motivation is a very important aspect that the candidate must possess. It is important for the candidate to have adequate knowledge about all laws pertaining to human resources management.
Wal-Mart Inc.
Wal-Mart is a company that operates chain stores and has opened several stores in different countries. The company has employed a large number of people to work in the stores located in different regions. The presence of experienced human resources managers is necessary to ensure that the employees are properly managed for efficient operation of activities. Wal-Mart has adopted the policy of “high cost low price” in order to attract more customers. The company had experienced low customer demand for its products and this caused the management to use this strategy to attract more customers. The cause of this problem was poor motivation of employees leading to poor customer service. Therefore, a person experienced in human resources management would be appropriate to solve the problems being faced by the company. The company has been experiencing some problems relating to human resources management and this has prompted the need for experienced human resources management. Some of the human resources management issues affecting this company are poor workplace conditions, low remuneration packages, and restrictions on employees joining labour unions among others (Murphy, 2008).
Interview Procedure for the Position of an Entrance Level Managerial Job at Wal-Mart Inc.
The introductory part of the interview requires the interviewer to explain to the interviewee all the aspects of the position being interviewed for. The interviewer will explain to the candidate the particular aspects of the managerial position at the company so that the candidate can be sure about the issues he/she will discuss. This stage is important because it introduces all the parties to the interview process and creates an environment for communicating about the issues concerning the job position being discussed. It is an important stage because it reduces tension between the two parties and motivates them to carry on the interview process with ease (Fontana & Prokos, 2007).
After the interviewer has introduced the interviewee to the interview process, the interviewee will be provided with the opportunity to express his/her ideas. This opportunity is provided to the interviewee so that he/she can explain his academic, professional qualifications as well as the previous experiences which are relevant to the job position. To start the interview process, the candidate will be expected to thank the interviewer for the opportunity granted by the company to have an interview. This is important since it shows courtesy and respect to the interviewer for providing him/her with the opportunity to have an interview at the company. The strategic importance of this stage is that the interviewer obtains the personal traits of the candidate to identify whether he/she is compatible with the systems of the company (Veruki, 1999).
The candidate will then explain why he/she is interested in the position applied for as well as provide the professional and academic qualifications relevant to the job position. This is important because the interviewer is able to identify any training needs required by the candidate in case he/she is accepted. The academic and professional qualifications explain the past achievements which relate to the job. In this case the academic and professional qualifications should relate to human resource management. These qualifications form a foundation for performing the duties required of the candidate according to laid down procedures and in an ethical manner. To ensure that the organization achieves the best talent, there should be proper selection of the appropriate candidate to ensure that the best talents are maintained (Fontana & Prokos, 2007).
Past experience which is relevant to the job position should be provided to the interviewer to determine the suitability of the candidate to the position (Veruki, 1999). The past experience must relate to similar positions held at different companies. This helps identify how competent the candidate is in handling similar issues to those of the job position applied for. The candidate should possess wealth of experience by having worked in similar companies to enable him properly handle problems related to the job position (Veruki, 1999).
The interviewer will be expected to ask the candidate all questions pertaining to the job position applied for. All academic and professional documents will be reviewed to ascertain the qualifications of the candidate. It will also be important for the interviewers to collect adequate information about the experience of the candidate in the past which relates to the job position. The interview will not only test the academic and professional qualifications but also other personal details about the candidate. Such personal issues include fluency in speaking, courtesy, social factors and other aspects that may affect the individual at the workplace (Fontana & Prokos, 2007).
After the candidate has provided all his qualifications, the interviewer will be required to ask about the appropriate wage/salary amount that he/she feels good to be provided if the job opportunity is offered. The remuneration package to be offered will be determined by the number of obligations assigned to the employee. However, all legal requirements will be adhered to when providing the remuneration to the employee. To accomplish this, the Fair Act laws about wages will be applied. The Forward with Fairness law protects employees from exploitation by their employers by providing the minimum wages that can be provided to employees. The law covers all employees earning less than AS $ 100,000 (Kramp, 2009). The law protects the needs of the employer and the employee to ensure that no one is oppressed by the award systems. As such, the law provides the minimum wage rates to be provided to employees to ensure that employees are not exploited. On the other hand, the law does not limit the maximum wage rates that an employer can provide so as to ensure employers are protected. It is required of the employer to maintain a suitable wage rate which maintains the minimum wage law. On the other hand, the employer has the discretion of increasing the wage rate to whatever amount. According to Kramp (2009), the Fair Pay Commission of Australia has the mandate of adjusting the minimum wage rates as provided by Work Choices Act.
The strategic importance of this section of the interview process is to make the candidate comfortable with the wage rates provided by the employer. Negotiations about the wage rates will be done to come up with an equilibrium rate which is not oppressive to the employer and the employee. It is also important to ask the candidate about the amount of wages that he/she feels good for him/her because conflicts about changes in remuneration will be reduced. Providing a clear picture about the wage range before commencing the job is important to the employee because they feel satisfied with the wages provided (Veruki, 1999).
It is important for the interviewer to ask the candidate about his/her knowledge concerning the company he/she is seeking a job. The candidate is expected to have an idea about the activities and all stakeholders of the company if he/she is interested in working in the company. Basic information about the mission, vision, core values, products, services and other activities of the company should be well known to the interviewee. Adequate research about the company should have been done by the interviewee to ensure he/she has all relevant information concerning the company. This is important in that the employer is able to identify the interest of the candidate in working with the company because lack of knowledge about the company shows that the candidate is not interested in working with the company (Veruki, 1999).
The interviewer should inquire about other activities the candidate is involved in apart from job or academic activities. These activities will help identify whether the person is a workaholic or a social person. The interviewer should identify any other aspect that may affect the social activities of the candidate by inquiring about his social life. This is important because a good manager should be healthy in all aspects to be able to lead others efficiently. Managers who are socially inefficient are unable to integrate properly with their subordinates and other people within the organization. A socially healthy manager is able to identify problems facing his subordinates and solve these problems amicably (Veruki, 1999).
It is important for the interviewer to contact the referees suggested by the candidate to ensure the information provided in the curriculum vitae as well as the information presented during the interview process is valid. This process also ensures that the candidate is legally acceptable as an employable person. Contacts for the referees are provided by the candidate and they should be valid for use. The interviewer must ensure that the referees provided are legally responsible and that the information provided by them is true (Veruki, 1999).
The last stage involves making a decision whether the candidate is suitable or not. The selection of the candidate depends upon the average scores obtained by the candidate from the interview process. The interviewer assesses the qualifications of the candidate alongside all the requirements of the organization. The candidate should score well in all major areas required to perform the job well. Some issues may be overlooked but care should be taken to avoid overlooking important issues which may affect the performance of the employee at the workplace. The interviewer can decide that the candidate will be trained on some weak areas once he/she is offered the job. This training should be done to introduce the candidate to the processes of the company (Fontana & Prokos, 2007).
Interview is a process which helps an organization to obtain the best talents by taking the candidates through a process of questions and answers. The overall goal of conducting an interview is to obtain relevant information about the suitability of the candidate to the job position applied for. The entire interview process is done to get the most qualified person for a job position and the interviewer should maintain ethical and legal standards while conducting the entire process.
Wal-Mart has been experiencing problems relating to human resources management and getting an appropriate candidate for this position will be a great step towards the success of the company. A potential candidate is suitable for a specific job position when he/she fulfills almost all the requirements set by the employer. The qualifications of a candidate should be based on his/her academic performance, social activities, compatibility with the internal systems of the company as well as having adequate knowledge about the company. The interview process is important in that it helps collect adequate information about the candidate and identifies the suitability of the candidate to the job position applied for. It is recommendable that the company should emphasize on the experience of the candidates applying the job position of a human resource manager at the company. This is because job experience shows that a person can handle similar problems being experienced at the organization.

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