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Self and Society in Chinese Literature

Self and Society in Chinese Literature
4-5 pages, should explore a theme or comment on a cultural/literal phenomenon in one or several pieces of literary works studied so far.  Detailed guideline is the same with that of the first paper (Remember 4 pages single spaced!). The followings are some suggested topics, though you are free to choose your own topics.  You can also write on the pre-modern Chinese literary works that we studied in the first half of this semester.  Best papers often do not use my suggested topics, and they amaze me with their striking originality.
1.    Lu Hsun and His Narrator: A Study of Narrative Skill in Lu Hsun’s Works
2.    Feminism and Lu Hsun
3.    Lu Hsun and  Ah Q
4.    Plant Symbolism in Half of Man Is Woman
5.    From Animal to Human Being: The Hero’s Spiritual Growth in  Half of Man Is Woman
6.    Ju Dou and Hester in “The Scarlet Letter”: Adulterers with Different Fates
7.    The Modern and the Traditional: A Clash in Shower
8.    Nora and Tzu-chun: A Comparison of Early Feminists in the East and the West
9.    The Status of Confucianism in Lu Hsun’s Stories
10.    Ambivalence to the Conflicts between Modernity and Tradition in Lu Hsun’s Stories (or Shower)
11.    What Lies behind the Different Attitudes toward Modernity between Lu Hsun and Shower?
12.    Different fates of Confucianism Presented by Lu Hsun and Shower

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