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Service Marketing Diary

Service Marketing Diary
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Service firm/organization: Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Midtown/Times Square New York
Date: Saturday 20 October 22, 2012 Time: Approx. 12 Noon Location: Brooklyn
Details: Car rental from any location in the city. Last Saturday at around noon when I was hanging out with my pals in one restaurant in Brooklyn, I received a phone call from my brother informing me that my father required rental car for the family. My brother informed me that family car had developed some mechanical problem hence could not be used. He requested me to look for an alternative car for the hike. There are so many rental cars companies in the city and therefore, I had to make a choice. I knew of two most prominent rental car companies, but I opted for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
I had their official hotline and customer service phone number. I tried calling hotline number, but it was busy. I tried again but still it was busy. I called the alternative customer service number, and it went through on the first attempt. The customer service representative (CSR) was so nice to me and provided appropriate response to every inquiry I made. She told me about the various classes of cars at their disposal, charges, duration, and liability issues. She further informed me about other arrangements that the companies provided like Chauffer driven cars. I gave her my physical address and on reaching our residence I found the hired car had already arrived.
The customer car representative I had talked to came along with the driver of the car. She further gave more details of the kind of services they offer. She told us to take proper care of the car, and we signed for two days rental services. She requested us to pass through there garage within the city for final car checkup before leaving for our destination. My father, brother, little sister, and I left our residence at around 2 PM for garage. We met a very jovial gentleman who quickly inspected the car and informed us that it was in satisfactory condition. He also gave us a phone number that we could contact the garage in case of any problem with the car. Till now, father had not informed us where and exactly were going to hang out, but he had informed the customer car representative that we were travelling to the neighboring county for a period of two days.
We passed through the company office made the final payment. We left the office at around 3:30 PM and it is when our father informed us that we were going to pay a visit to one of aunties we had never met for a period of ten years. On the way, the CSR called to confirm whether the car was fine and how we were faring on.
On Monday morning, I returned the car to the company garage and found the CSR and the gentlemen who had inspected the car on Saturday. The gentleman received the car and inspected the car and pointed out that the car was in satisfactory condition. We went into CSR office where she thanked me for choosing Enterprise Rent-A-Car. She told me am most welcome again, and I should inform friends and relatives about the company.
Comments: Customer services offered by Enterprise Rent-A-Car are excellent. The company has reliable services that clients can choose from. Additional, they are responsive to customer needs and inquiries. It was my first time dealing with the company but their services were satisfactory. Their services are customer focused and meet customer expectations. Though the company is not as big as compared to well established rental companies in New York, their quality services make them outstanding.
Analysis and future management steps: The evaluation of Enterprise Rent-A-Car above point out what exactly service marketing entails. Focused service marketing ought to be reliable, responsive, and develop a service culture that is consistent with company goals. The future action that can be taken by the management of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is further reinforcing their customer services delivery by focusing quality of the services offered by the company. Key services marketing concepts discussed in the above evaluation are responsiveness, reliability, customer focus, service culture, communication, courtesy, and service culture (Kapoor, Paul and Halder 148).

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