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Should Abortion be legal?

Abortion is one of the most highly controversial issues in the world today and in the medicine field. This field is highly contentious and has sparked a lot of debate but the much analysis of the reasons for or against abortion is valid depending from the point of view that one is supporting. Legally speaking, it’s a decision to be taken differently by different countries. Many religious sects have condemned abortion of whichever nature holding that it’s against the will of God.
Abortion should be legal
A lot of debate surrounding abortion has been a mere conflict between what is legal on one side in antagonism with what is moral. Morally speaking, the unborn child is a life which should not be terminated. That view is greatly advocated for by many Christians. In determining whether a fetus should the aborted are central question as to whether a fetus is a life has been put forward. In America a precedent was set which settled the whole issue of legality of abortion (Beckwith, 1994).
According to the Supreme Court case of Roe v Wade, court was faced with an instance of drawing a line between two conflicting rights. The state has a right to protect life including that of a fetus but such protection as stated in the case if it conflicts with the rights of the woman who is considered a human being and can make decisions the woman’s right should always take precedence. The test is pegged on the question whether fetus are human? Unless the fetus reaches viability the fetus is not a human being. I support the legalizing of abortion in that case since constitutional rights are only for human beings and in move to curtail the fundamental right of a woman to make a
choice on how and when to produce (Kemper, 2004)
By making abortion illegal, doors of unprofessional abortions being carried out by unscrupulous individuals are widely opened. Institutions managed by quacks and which would   not otherwise be allowed to conduct abortion under highly risky conditions which in many instances result to death of the woman. A world wide research shows that legalizing of abortion makes safe since whole process includes licensed clinics to carry out abortion. Complications related to abortion which result to death can be handled by trained doctors and reduce the death rates which occur annually during the performance of unsafe abortions (Fitcher, 1992).
The contrary side which those who advocate for illegal abortion fail to notice is that abortion protects life and enhances good health. Complications due sickness leave the woman with one choice to make. The survival of the fetus or her own death. Its common sense that if the life of the woman is saved she can become pregnant again and deliver. The implication of making abortion illegal is that a greater risk of rising deaths will be recorded leaving the doctors hands tied. Doctor who saves life would be declared a criminal (Beckwith, 1994).
The circumstances of being a mother should be left on the woman who should be afforded an opportunity to terminate the fetus for her reasons. The state would be in a gross breach of a woman’s right if it was to prohibit a woman from choosing the right time to have a child. Situations such as rape and incest warrant an abortion since the woman is not in a position to raise such a kid. If abortion is made illegal it means that the law be forcing women to give birth to children gotten through rape. The injustice of such acts is too grave to imagine (Shah & Ahman E 2009).
Pregnancy can be classified as a private right which if the state makes laws to limit this right the that would be a breach of the right to privacy which is not inconformity with the norms of free and civilized societies whereby individuals right to privacy should not only be known but the state should protect. Such laws may be interpreted as compelling a woman to have a child against her will which is against the freedoms and rights to privacy, free will and good conscience (Kemper, 2004)
Outlawing abortion would be opening a page of unfairness to children who are without any job or an income to sustain the child. An injustice would be occasioned if the child’s mistake would lead to eternal condemnation. It would be hard to rule out the issue of street poorly fed children with no one to attend to. The effects’ surrounding this unfairness is that it’s a fertile ground which can breed other offences such as prostitution and theft to get income to support the child (Beckwith, 1994)
Many would feel righteous by stating that abortion should be outlawed because of their religious believes but it should be remembered that Christians are human beings and there should be no doubt that a fetus can not be said to have superior rights than the woman who carries it. Imposition of laws which go against the will of the mother may lead to numerous disadvantages to the child once born. Experience has shown the factual truth that children born without a free will are subjected to brutal treatment which affects them psychologically and they can result in drug abuse, commit suicide or become hardcore criminals due to lack of parental care and love( Shah & Ahman 2009).
Abortion helps in having a sizeable family which is easy to manage and will be brought up in love and maximum care. Bigger families form part of many problems we meet today. Many people are not responsible enough to manage big families. Moreover their status in society does not allow them. This part unveils the discriminatory nature of prohibiting abortion. The illegality will only affect the poor since the rich can get the best doctors for the abortion and they can also fly to those countries that abortion is allowed (Shah &Ahman E 2009).
Why illegal?
However valid points worth critical analysis have been raised and more important those against abortion becoming legal have tried to distinguish different types of abortion. They include abortion for convenience, abortion for medical cases and finally abortion for limited reasons such as incest. To them abortion for convenience is not allowed at all and the premises of their arguments is that even if a woman has the right to do what she wills, the fetus is an individual and the woman committing abortion means that she is taking away someone’s life. Their research is to the effect that a woman carrying a fetus is genetically different from it since the fetus and the mother share a very different DNA hence making them two distinct entities. Traced from conception the fetus ceases from being part of the woman. On the same note the American Supreme Court decision in Roe v Daye has been attacked but reasons for disagreement not shown. A bigger section of those who advocate for outlawing of abortion have been flexible to allow abortion for medical purposes or eliminating pregnancies of rape and incest. Others have declared it a murder without caring to provide the exact ingredients which qualify it to be murder (Fitcher, 1992)
Allegations of screaming babies while undergoing abortion have been offered which are said to for part of the famous psychological haunting which can last for lifetime. One is reduced to a slave of the very memory of the aborted fetus.Moreso the health threats associated with abortion are so severe such that they can lead to permanent damage of the reproduction more specifically when the operation is conducted by a quack (Kemper, 2004).
Governments through their affirmative action have come out to set special programs for women who get unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Having being assured such support the issue of abortion should be denounced. Further the society we live in accommodates those who can not raise their children and people adopt them. Preventive measures can also be carried out to prevent rape related cases of pregnancy. Healthy complications which can lead to death have been the strongest point advocated for by those who reject abortion. The survival of a person undergoing abortion is based on a probability (Shah & Ahman, 2009).
My defense on why abortion should be legalized.
The disorganized nature of those against abortion raises a couple of doubt on whether they have concrete research or they are simply placing their reliance on shallow religious views. The state that abortion is murder but fail terribly in showing us the ingredients of murder reflected on abortion. Its only bitterness without scientific prove of real issues as presented. The rejection of the holding in Daye v Wade should have been backed by reasons but the authors only left us with a not caring attitude.
Its no doubt that the anti abortion have failed to explain in to details how many governments have the capacity to feed, clothe and shelter a kid if the pregnancy was unplanned. How practical is that amidst the various pressing needs of a state such as feeding the starving among others. Practical examples of those states would have served (Shah &Ahman E 2009)
Why should the anti antiabortion pretend to be against abortion and yet they accept medical and incest or rape abortions? The question of abortion is not a game and that means if you say yes to part of it you must stick by that yes and if no same applies. Also had problems on the way the issue of rape was tackled whereby governments and religious organization help in preventing rrape.we experience rape almost every hour. How then does the government or he say pastoral organizations limit them? The biggest question dwells upon the fact it’s hard to prevent rape since rapists will always plan well.
The aforementioned factors are both in support and against abortion. I am highly persuaded that the issue of abortion is a very sensitive issue hence it’s a personal choice which depends on individual conviction. However I affirm my stand that abortion should be legalized to reduce the rate of unsafe pregnancies which subquently led to death and other health complications if performed by a quack. Finally the issue of whether to abort or not should be left to individuals to decide.

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