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Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose
In my undergraduate at KAIST I studied education, Engineering and Sciences. This came along with the acquiring of strong Computer Science practice as well as the theory. In the practice of computer science, I have acquired fundamental skills in programming as well as thinking skills. The skills have been through completing various tasks. In the formulation of a programming and implementing the working of the operating system has been my specialization. In implementing of numerous artificial algorithms, conducting research has been inevitable.
The fact that I have three best abilities that is motivation, experience and clear objective ideas I believe I am ready to play an integral role in then networking field. I have established research interests in the mobile ad hoc networks as well as wireless network. Wireless networks have a defined distinct infrastructure compared to cellular networks. This happens since they do not depend on the centralized control or lower maintenance and deployment costs. The networks have gained extensive usage with specific applicability in military, disaster prevention and wild life monitoring. Wildlife networking has been having numerous advantages whereby it becomes cost friendly to build and implement. The enhancing of future interaction between people has been an increase in networks infrastructure in a stable way.
The main interest in Mobile ad hoc networking is founded on an intern I had during the Summer of 2011 in the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences. During that time I was working in the Future Internet Team. I was dealing with wireless sensor networks. Upon successfully completing the internship, I was working as a volunteer with Dr. Singh. In the various topics such as header compression, I used ID mapping for Future Internet. My volunteer work was also subject to various protocols which necessitated ad hoc routing and learning the stimulation tools for testing various networks. Before I had completed the volunteer period I joined the lab to get a free interaction with professionals. In an internship led by Professor Dongman Lee I worked in the CDSN lab. Currently, the work in CDSN Lab has been mainly about routing in the ad hoc routing protocols. Unlike many professional, opportunistic routing require that one should be well equipped with the dynamism of the networks. This is a departure from the traditional single path routing. For instance, the opportunistic routing can be used to exploit broadcast nature whereby it reduces the transmission of packets and power consumption.
There are many papers written since 2006 which have continuously tried to optimize the existing approach towards QoS support, to increase through out. For the results of opportunistic routing to be realized, there ought to be a large network topology hence scalability becomes an issue. Due to high power usage control, whereby various nodes are needed the opportunistic routing becomes useful since high information exchange is maintained. In small networks, the frequent exchange of link information can result in high power usage with a crucial factor for mobile node. In the internship, I have formulated a scheme whereby topology exchange of information can be through two nodes which try to communicate.
The parallel networking on development that I have worked on to enhance virtualization has also been my area of interest. Network developers in this case have applications on stimulated networks and real nodes. The concept of a real network and a real host may actually be virtualized. Developing my study plan for my master’s and to participate in other projects offered in future.

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