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Statement of Purpose for PhD Application

Statement of Purpose for PhD Application
            I wish to pursue a doctorate level degree concentrating in Health Care Organization, Outcomes, and Policy in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at your institution. My decision to focus on the area of population health is informed by the desire to have the relevant skills in formulating policies geared towards improving the health of our communities. I intend to acquire professional understanding of health and disease in the communities with an aim to using the knowledge to come up withappropriate methodologies in addressing the health inequities within the various population groups. My choice of this graduate school is informed by the module structure adopted in your Epidemiology and Biostatistics program. I am particularly attracted by the coursework and collaborative research model that I feel will help me understand in an exceptional way the multiple determinants of population health outcomes, the factors responsible for those outcomes and how to formulate target specific policies and interventions.The supportive environment and leadership culture cultivated in the department and with other stakeholders is an attestation of the dedication employed to ensure students are well equipped to offer workable solutions to health challenges affecting our communities upon graduation.
I am strongly convinced that my academic experience and qualifications fit the programmatic areas described. With a Masters degree in Health & Hospital Administration, I believe I am well prepared to enjoy an easy transition into the PhD program. My interest area of concentration is in Health Care Organization, Outcomes, and Policy which rhymes well with the preparative skills I acquired through my masters and bachelor’s degree programs at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I registered a high GPA score of 4.75 out of 5.00 in my masters program, a reflection of my academic ability to do well in the highest level. I possess excellent analytical and research skills that greatly contributed to my excellent performance in my masters program. I purpose to continue with the high academic performance if given an opportunity to study in your graduate school.
I intend to carry out research in the area of Health Care Organization, Outcomes and Policy with special focus on Home Health Care Issues, International Health Care Issues, Resource Use and Patient Outcomes of Chronically Ill, Re-Hospitalization and Health Services Research. This is based on the research interests of my expected advisor. I possess both professional and personal experience having worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist from 2008 to 2011 at the National Guard Health Affairs and previously as a Training Coordinator (2005-2007) in the same institution. My work description entailed among others interpreting and implementing quality assurance standards and developing quality assurance policies and procedures. As the training coordinator I acquired personal experience in transformative leadership, skills that have helped me greatly in my career and personal life. Being responsible for training, designing, implementing and reporting on employee progress helped me perfect my analytical skills. Through these experiences, I observed that there was need to have more elaborate structures in health care facility organization to facilitate the achievement of set goals and targets. This informed my decision to find a solution to the challenges by acquiring the relevant skills through a PhD program in Health Care Organization, Outcomes and Policy. My hands-on experience in data management and statistical analysis covered evaluationof work standards of professional, technical and clerical staff.Records, procedures, study and review of existing policies through data collection from interviews with personnel and clients as well as assisting departments with interpreting audit data was part of my work.
I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, conflict resolution, analytical, team building and leadership skills. As a goal driven individual I am able to achieve any set targets within the allocated time without compromising on the quality of my work. I work well independently and within teamwork contexts and I am proficient in computer applications and software. I have current CPR certifications and can professionally perform roles of leader, educator, researcher, and consultant. I have expertise in critical thinking and decision making when called upon.
My motivation for applying for this program is to acquire expertise in the field and become a renowned policy developer. In the short term, I wish to be part of professional with capabilities in finding solutions to the many challenges affecting the health sector world wide. My desire is to be a consultant in my area of specialization, who can competently make recommendations and offer workable solutions to my clientele. In the long term I intend to establish a long term care hospital in collaboration with my husband who is also currently a Nursing PhD student in the university. With the skills I acquire through this program in your institution,I believe I will be adequately skilled in succeeding at running the facility. I look forward to joining your highly esteemed  graduate school to help me realize both my short-term and long-term goals for the benefit of all humankind.

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