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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management
I have a thesis for Business Master Program-concentration in strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM).
I already did a final paper for SHUM course and the professor was glad to take this paper to the thesis and expand it of course.
I am writing about a Multinational company where it has branches around the whole world and that always gets awards for its success in different regions. It participates in Big Projecst in a high level.
The problem of this company is that it does not have organizational structure!
I will give you a background of the company and then specify on what you need to assist me in writing.
The company is owned only by one person. It was operated and managed by him a long time ago when he started it. However now it employes thousands of employees around the world.
The company not only does not have organizational structure or well organizational Chart. If one compares how much it is successful and a multinational company yet they do not have structure the person will be shocked.
The owner is the only one who has the authority for signing any Sales, purchase, renting or providing any product or services. The Owner of course does not exist all the time in the company as he is occupied with his with his work in the other branches around the world.
So the only person who comes after the Owner is called the Finance Manager, who is in the reality carrying all the responsibilities (but without having the right to sign any contract for purchasing, selling, renting!)
There is nothing called that they have executive manager. The Finance Manager is the person who is in that position if the position exists!
It is like they are using one person (finance Manager) because of his capabilities to carry all that work instead of hiring an Executive and a Finance Manager separately.
Finance Manager is the one who is responsible of hiring, selecting, firing people in the company. He of course responsible about the finance issues and he carries all small or big issues.
If we want to look at the organizational chart that’s how it looks:
The organizational chart above exists in the company’s website. That is how it looks; all the managers come immediately under the owner! However in the reality the Finance Manager comes immediately under the owner.
This company does not have departments like sales department, purchase, marketing department .. etc. They only have those mangers listed in the chart that carry all the responsibilities of the entire department if the department exists. What happens is that for example the sales manager prepares the quotation and find clients but he waits till the Owner comes to give him the permission to sell.
And when any emergency of absentation or leave caused by any of these managers almost all the operation of what its called department stopped because there is no one under them who can carries the responsibilities. There are no associates or other staff under them.
The organizational structure is ineffective because there is no delegation of duties.
This company does not have HR department. The finance Managers held all the processes of HR department if it exists ? ! .. hence they don’t specific the duties when they announce for new vacancies..
For My request of writing I just want mainly to focus on the organizational structure and its chart Literature. Later, I will ask for other literature review about HR functionality to combine it . However I preferred to give you a whole picture of the whole thesis.
The professor told me that I have I have to write a descriptive one literature review regarding what this companies structure use. He states that I should find what in the theories and studies say about this kind of structure of company. What it is called?
Then I need a normative Literature Review to provide the reader with an idea and prove of what this multinational companies is “assumed” to have for its organizational structure and chart. (so Later I can use them in my analysis).
In my final paper I brought a comparison from other big companie’s charts to show the difference and the weakness of this companies’ chart. However I did not have theory to support it. I have to rely on studies that suggest specific kind of structure and chart for this kind of company as I want to make change in it ?
So mainly I need Theoretical part (descriptive and normative a bout organizational structure and chart)
The professor wants me to use this book:
Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership. By Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal
Fourth Edition.
and of course you can use other resources. I prefer to let me know what other resources you might use just to make sure that I have the same online data in my university’s website. Do not want them to question from where I could access a resource that might not exist in our library database.
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