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Strategic management assingment

Chapter 1

Warby Parker has adopted the New Venture and Entrepreneurial strategy selling its products exclusively online. Also, it offers donations to the needy for every sale made. In its strategy, the company has avoided the middle men by opting to sell directly to customers.
Warby Parker targets individuals who are in need of eyewear. The customer base that has been targeted is the online community.
Through its chosen strategy, the company stands a high chance of incurring great losses. This is because the company sells its products exclusively online thereby excluding the other market segment. In addition, the company offers a free eyewear for every pair that is sold.

Chapter 2

The company’s vision is to look great while helping others. In this case, there is a company policy in which for every pair of eyewear sold another pair is given out to the needy.
Vision Spring is anon profit organization that sells cheap eyewear to low income individuals. For every pair of glasses that Warby Parker makes, a pair of glasses is given out to Vision Spring for donation.
The “buy a pair, give a pair” program carried out by Warby Parker is a strategy that aims at giving out a pair of glasses to the needy with a low income in the society. This is accomplished through the relation that the company has with Vision Spring. This program is critical in the achievement of the company’s mission of looking great while assisting others.

Chapter 3

The vision of the company is to embrace technology. Warby Parker’s vision centers on the innovation of eyewear through the social media. In this regard, the company has embraced online technologies in doing its business.
Some of sustainable practices include the cooperation between the company and the non profit organization, Vision Spring. The company has a policy of giving out a pair of glasses to the needy. The company has also opted to sell its products exclusively online thereby avoiding the middle men.
The relevant stakeholders of Warby Parker include the customers and Vision Spring organization. The customers are affected by the company’s mission in that, for every pair of glasses purchased, there is a pair of glasses going to the needy. On the other hand, the Vision Spring has been affected by the mission of the company in that it is the chosen organization to distribute what is donated.

Chapter 4

Subaru uses social media in order to remain competitive. This has been achieved through advertisement that is carried out on social media sites.
Subaru has focused on middle-line priced automobiles that make their products appealing to the customers. Their products are also regarded as valuable by the customers.
The fastest growing segment of the American auto market is the hybrid vehicles. The factor that might be driving this trend is the need for environmentally friendly technologies. Also, the high fuel prices might be another factor that is driving this trend.

Chapter 5

The strategy used by iRobot is concentric diversification. This is because the company sought to engage in the development of robots that could be used in the real world.
The company’s target market includes the defense, healthcare and retail industries. This has affected the company’s product development in that it has been forced to come up with products that can be integrated in the practical world.
The company’s culture can be regarded as innovative. This can be explained as the company strives to incorporate the robots into the real world.

Chapter 6

The iRobot company enjoys strength in that it has existed for some time thereby becoming a household name in the industry. The company’s weakness is that it has not established many subsidiaries across the world to tap into potential market. The opportunity for the company can be found in the need to spread to other regions of the world. The company faces threat from potential competitors who can enter the industry to take advantage of the ready market.
Among the Porter’s competitive strategies, focus is the best suited for iRobot’s model. This is because the company has decided to narrow on a certain scope, which is the development of robots to be used in the real world.
The culture at iRobot borders on creativity. This is because the organization has been able to develop products that are used in the real world and outside the laboratories.

Chapter 7

Oxfam America can be said to pursue horizontal growth. This is because the organization has established subsidiaries in various countries around the world.
The organization’s approach to strategic management coincides with the concept of corporate parenting. This is exhibited through the organization’s coordination of activities and distribution of resources.
The organization’s approach in reducing poverty is through empowerment of the poor. This is because the organization has focused on empowering the poor locals in eradicating poverty.

Chapter 8

Ecoist makes use of product development strategy to market its products whereby the company puts a lot of emphasis on the use of recycled material.
The company’s operations strategy supports the mission in that the raw materials used in product development are recycled materials.
The company’s stakeholders include partner companies and customers. The partner companies are used to empower the company’s image while the customers ensure the sustainability of the company.

Chapter 9

Oxfam uses music outreach and celebrities in implementing its mission by incorporating well-known musicians and celebrities to popularize its mission.
Oxfam America selects artists to implement their mission by inviting them to join their efforts in the fight against poverty.
The organization can be said to have reached the stability stage of corporate development. This is because the company is ready to promote new ideas, but with limited enthusiasm.

Chapter 10

Root Capital’s strategy for staffing their operations in Africa and Latin America is driven by the unique demands. The company provides top leadership to its subsidiaries and let the local people take low cadre jobs in the organization.
The organization’s mission has impacted on the corporate culture of the organization. This is because the company focuses on empowering the local people in Africa and Latin American regions.
The international strategy of the company centers on the needs of the local people. In this case, the company identifies the needs of the people in a respective region to support them to overcome their challenges.

Chapter 11

Ecoist can face various problems when initiating input controls. This can lead to a change in the products of the company. Also, it can lead to disruption in the production process.
Ecoist’s environmental business model can have a positive impact on the corporate valuation of the company. This is because the company is heeding to the call to engage in ecofriendly production.
This company may face various challenges in trying to control its operations. This includes competition in that there are other substitute products from other companies in the market. Also, the company has focused on partnership with other companies, and this might not be a good strategy. Overreliance on partnerships can be detrimental when the partners opt to pull out.

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