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Coursework – description
You are asked to design aspects of an 8 storey steel-framed building structure in simple construction with the following information: the steel grade is S355. The storey height is 4.3 m. The floor plan is rectangular, with 5 equal bays of 9m in one direction and 3 bays (6m, 9m, 6m) in the other direction. The floor is constructed of reinforced concrete slab of 100 mm in average thickness. For the purpose of calculating the characteristic permanent action (dead load), the density of concrete (including reinforcement) is 25kN/m3. The characteristic variable action (imposed load) on the floor is 5 kN/m2. The characteristic wind load is 1 kN/m2 in any direction on the façade of the structure. Assume the wind load is distributed to the floor plates according to the tributary façade area supported by the floor. The floor slabs are one way spanning in the shorter direction of the building with a span of 3 m. Lateral stability is provided by X-bracing in each direction at the two ends of the building.
Coursework specification
Select appropriate sizes for the bracing member with the maximum force for both directions.
Design one internal 9m primary beam. Assume the beam is laterally and torsionally restrained only at the supports and at the positions of the secondary beams.

Design one corner column on the ground floor.
Work in groups of two, submit your coursework report by Friday of week 7, 13 March 2015.

Marking schedule

bracing design: 20%;
beam check 35%;
Beam-column check: 35%);
report presentation (10%).

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