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Support for Domestic Production of Marijuana

According to Rojas (2011) Marijuana has been categorized as one of the hard drugs in the world. The drug is also called cannabis or marihuana in Mexico. The drug is extracted from the cannabis plant and prepared in different terms. In the United States, the drug tops the list of the most abused drugs. Marijuana has its root mostly in Latin and south American countries more so in Mexico. The plant has many compounds within it estimated at four hundred. The most active compound in the drug is (THC) – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Hanson, Venturelli & Fleckenstein, 2011).
Marijuana has different uses for instance it can be used as a recreational drug, performing of religious and spiritual rites and also the drug has medicinal value. There has been a robust debate about the use of this drug with most statistics indicating that the drug is one of the most abused drugs. There has been an increasing abuse of this drug despite of the addictive effects and the medical impacts that result from the consumption of the (Maisto, Galizio & Connors, 2011). This paper therefore discuses the production of the drug in the United States. It criticizes giving supportive thesis whether the, production of marijuana should be liberalized and or legalized or not. It gives facts concerning the consumption of the drug, analyses the facts, assumptions and differing views about the issues underlying the consumption of the drug.
Overview of the impact of marijuana on a human system
Marijuana as a drug is abused in different ways. The drug can rolled and smoked the way cigarettes are smoked. The drug can also be smoked in blunts by mixing it with tobacco. The drug is also mixed in food by abusers or it can be brewed in drinks like tea (Doweiko, 2012).
Scientists have discovered the manner in which THC, the strongest compound found in the drug impacts on the working of the brain of abusers. When a person smokes the drug, the THC compound in the drug is diffused into the bloodstream through the lungs. The blood carried with it the drug to the brain and other body organs. While in the brain, the compound acts on specific locations in the brain known as cannabinoid receptors, causing a series of actions by the brain cells thus the ‘high’ that the drug users feel after consuming the drug. The highest concentration of the Cannabinoid receptors is situated in locations of the brain which affect pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration and sensory perception of time, and coordination of movement (Elkin, 1999).
Basing on the above explanation, it is indisputable to deduce that the intoxication by the drug results in distorted perceptions, it can impair the coordination, result in difficulties in thinking and solving of problems, and interference with learning. In adverse cases of consumption of marijuana leads to severe difficulties in learning and memory. This impact can last for days and or for even weeks after the acute effects of abusing the drug have ended National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2011).
Main Discussion
Anyone who has read or heard of the impacts of the abuse of hard drugs cannot in anyway stand to support the consumption of the drug. Moreover these drugs have far reaching impacts that go beyond the medical impacts or the harm on human nervous system. It has been found that in countries where drugs are abused most for instance in Mexico and Jamaica and other Latin America countries like Brazil, the rate of crime is on the ceilings. Therefore a question arises on where the problem of drugs originates from. Does the problem of abusing drugs come from the people who consume the drug or is the production and availability of these drugs the main problem? However, another ethical question is if at all the marijuana drug has medicinal uses, can its production be legalized (Siege, 2011).
The domestic production of marijuana should be legalized. The Israel government has realized the importance of legalizing the domestic production of the marijuana. In the month of august 2011, the cabinet of Israel approved the rules that will govern the production and supply of marijuana meant for use in the medical field. The government has come to realize the importance of cannabis in medicine. The Israeli government has been making efforts to legalize the production of marijuana for medical reasons from 1999. The government focuses on the central control of the supply of marijuana through backing the domestic cultivation of the cannabis plant by local farmers. The government was unable to contain the marijuana black market in the country. The drug is used to treat “post- traumatic stress disorder”. The condition is common on people who face tough and taunting experiences for instance the soldiers and people who have been assaulted sexually (Big Buds, 2011).
The rules that have been approved have focused on the production of marijuana at home because of high cost of importing the drug. However, the regulations faced stiff protests from law enforcers who argue that the domestic production of the drug, even though for medical reasons, can easily be diverted away to the recreational use (Big Buds, 2011). The US can copy this example from Israel.
It is quite hard to assess the domestically cultivated crops in the United States. However, the government of the US noted that there is a rise in the domestic cultivation of marijuana as well as other prohibited crops. This is common in the Eastern states of United States. In the eastern states, there are large amounts of marijuana. At the national level, the price of marijuana has been stabilizing. In the year 2010, the United States ‘National Drug Threat Survey’ that the availability of marijuana is very prevalent in the areas that they cover. Moreover, the findings of the survey indicated that the price of the drug at the national level remained stable in spite of the increased effort to eradicate and interdict marijuana. Most of the marijuana that is produced in the country emanates from outdoor cultivation. In 2010, approximately 95.5% of domestic cannabis eradication took place on outdoor growing sites. In the same year, about 60% of the cannabis plants that were eradicated were found to be lying in either public or tribal lands. Organized outdoor cultivations are also prevalent in the western states for instance California, Washington and Oregon (Kerlikowske, 2011).
From the above statement, it is clear that the production of marijuana in the US has already anchored its rots in the country. This production is still however seen as illegal and this has given advantage to criminal groups who deal with the supply of the drug from the remote locations where the drug is grown. These criminal cartels make a lot of gains from the cultivation of marijuana (Kerlikowske, 2011).
If the government could embrace the domestic production of marijuana, the criminal cartels will be eliminated in the process and therefore bringing more organization in the production of marijuana. The criminal groups pose a big threat to the nation more so when they clash with security forces. In 2010, the California and Oregon police reported a minimum of eleven incidences of armed confrontations with illegal drug operators that resulted in fatalities of seven growers (Kerlikowske, 2011).
The concern of indoor production can not be ignored. The operators use fraudulent means of operation for instance fraudulent financial deals as well as using of multiple residences to carry out their operations. These ‘black’ operations bring about a very hazardous environment to the residents of the places where they carry their operations from. They outfit houses with hydroponic technologies, systems of irrigation and also elaborate lighting. While fitting these systems, these marijuana operators do not care about meter and electric systems of these residences therefore exposing them to the risks electric shocks and fires. Moreover, indoor marijuana production equipment is dangerous. There was a case where an explosion occurred in one of the production houses in the county of Miami-Dade in the state of Florida that caused the collapse of the building and death of one occupant (Regan, 2011).
It would be safe and of a great aid to the environment if the government domesticates the production of marijuana. This will mean that people will be free to cultivate the crop in the outdoor reducing the damage to the environment that results from indoor production of marijuana.
Illegal growers of marijuana have damaged ecosystems for instance forests by a way of clearing portions of these forests in order to illegally cultivate the crop. Illegal cultivation poses a risk to the ecosystem by exposing it to hazards like fire. It would be of worth if the governments domesticate the exercise as this will help move the illegal cultivators out of the important ecosystems. Domestication will give an open room of cultivation of the marijuana as the exercise will have been legalized and moderated by the government (Regan, 2011).
There has been a rising trend of production of marijuana in the South American Countries for instance Mexico. With the increase in production, the market has also to expand. United States is one of the targeted markets for marijuana from South America. The government of the US has been unable to eradicate the entry of the drug in the country. The entry of the drugs in the country has big security implications because of the logistics involved in this illegal business. Since the government has been unable to contain these drugs from outside the country, the best option would be to embrace the production of the crop locally because at least this way they could be able to control it. Doing so will also eliminate the security concerns that arise from armed drug barons who import marijuana (Meinders, 2011).
The Government of the United States has failed to prohibit the production of marijuana both at home and in other states that produce marijuana and other drugs. For a long period, the government has been using heavy criminal penalties as a tool of eliminating the illegal production and trade of marijuana and other hard drugs. Despite the penalties, the number of marijuana consumers has continued to grow. The production of the drug has also continued to rise. Every year, the drug is consumed by over twenty five million people. There seems to be no indicator or sign that the policy to prohibit the production and or consumption of marijuana will make mush gains as it has failed for all this time. The US government should accept and live up to the reality that it is unable to prohibit marijuana. The option that is viable is to domesticate the production of marijuana. By doing so, it can be able to attain some level of controlling the supply of the drug to the citizens. The question that bogs the mind here is how the government can manage the production of marijuana while it has failed to do so when it is illegal to cultivate cannabis (Meinders, 2011).
It is argued that it is better to domesticate the production of marijuana because this move will help to bring down the sale and abuse of the drug more so among the young people. The move could also aid to reduce the levels of the exposure of the youths to other hard or illegal drugs. Illegalizing the drug raises the anxiety levels in youths. The developmental stage of the youths makes them like what is forbidden. They have to be to be given enough information concerning this drug instead of preventing then to access the drugs. The illegalization has made youths and other illegal traders to make more gains because. Domesticating the drug will neutralize things by cutting down the incentives of trading in the drug therefore bringing down the rate of youth involvement with the drug (Rogers, 2011).
The illegal trade in marijuana continues to benefit criminal gangs both in America and in producer countries in the Latin and South American countries. Most of the money comes from the sale of these drugs in the United States. A lot of dollars thus flow from the US economy to the criminal gangs in Latin and South American countries. Legalization and domestication of marijuana can save the economy of the United States by way of maintaining the money in the economy (Rogers, 2011).
The marijuana drug has important uses apart from its abuse. The drug has medicinal value and it could also be used fro recreational purposes with minimized side effects. It is claimed that a lot of exaggerations have been made concerning the impact using marijuana. It is however important to note that controlling the recreational use of the drug is quite hard because of the addiction effect. It is unethical to support the use of a drug in as long as the drug has harmful compounds even if in small amounts. The only good use of the drug is for medicinal reasons. However people have taken advantage of this purpose to gain access to and end up abusing the drug (Jacob, 2010).
Marijuana abuse in the US has been on the rise. Majority of the drug gets into the country from South America. Within the country, there are illegal traders who do produce the drug. The government of US has illegalized the production of the drug in the country. The prohibition of the drug has not aided in stopping the abuse of the drug in the country. A lot still needs to be done. Legalization of the local production can work well if it is adopted and properly executed.

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