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SWOT for Paintball Business in Auckland (New Zealand)

SWOT for Paintball Business in Auckland (New Zealand)
Paintball business is one of the booming businesses in Auckland. The business has lasted in Auckland, for a series of years. The paintball game is among the most popular games, which involve groups of various ages. It is usually valued as a recreational activity among friends and family members in Auckland. In addition, the game is valued among business colleagues since it is taken as a bonding activity. This makes the game to be highly valued in Auckland. This assignment will discuss the SWOT analysis of paintball business in Auckland.
SWOT Analysis
Through the SWOT analysis, it is possible to determine the opportunities available to a business, the strengths, threats and weaknesses in the business. These can be beneficial to individuals and companies willing to start the business.
Strengths of Paintball Business in Auckland

a) Varying Terrain

One of the strengths of the paintball business is the availability of a variety of varied terrain. The business is well suited in Auckland due to the terrain of Auckland. The business thrives well in Auckland since it has a variety of fields to choose for playing the game. This usually depends on the set of rules for the game and the scenarios. Because of the variety of fields to choose from, individuals prefer selecting Auckland for the game. No matter the terrain, which best fits the type of paintball, a business man, can easily find the terrain suitable for the type of paintball business that he desires to start.

b) Availability of Security

Security is an essential aspect in any business. The paintball game has thrived well in Auckland emanating from the provision of adequate security. In almost all the centers offering the paintball facility, there is proper coverage of security (Braun, 2007). This makes the participants in the game feel secure, which promotes the business since customers will always seek services from a secure facility. Most of the paintball centers have recorded a high security with some centers marking 100% in safety provision. This has increased the number of female participants involved in playing the game. This is show strength to the business in Auckland since operating the paintball business in Auckland one does not have to fear about provision of security.

c) Customer Centric Approach and a Variety of Paintball Games

The paintball business has succeeded in Auckland due to the provision of customer based services in the game. In most centers offering the facility, in Auckland, customers are given the first priority, in selecting the combination of the paintball game that they like to play. The different types of paintballing game provided in Auckland include hostage rescue, capture the flag, drop point 20, village guardians, medic mania and manhunt (Pascoe, 2009). Most centers in Auckland offer all these different types of the paintballing game. This makes the customers who visit the facilities to decide on which paintballing game to choose. Different customers prefer a business that can offer a variety of the service it offers, which helps to accommodate everyone according to their tastes and preferences. A customer who likes manic mania may not like hostage rescue, but offering of all the services would accommodate all the customers. Offering of the different types of paintballing, in Auckland, has made the business thrive well since customers can choose from a variety of the games provided.

d) Presence of Many Centers Offering Paintball services

Effective competition in the provision of paintballing facilities has led to thriving of paintballing business in Auckland (Evan, 2011). Emanating from the various centers in Auckland competing effectively with each other, business of paintball has improved; making Auckland succeed in offering the best services in paintballing. Because of healthy competition among the different centers offering the services, emerging and existing businesses have used innovations in their businesses, which have increased the competitiveness of the business in Auckland.
Weaknesses of Paintball Business in Auckland

Business Operating Hours

Most of the centers in Auckland offering the paintball facilities are not capable of offering the service for 24 hours. Most centers operating the business of paintball offer services during the day and close their business for the rest of the day. There are some people, who would prefer having the service during the night hours due to being unavailable during the daytime. However, these individuals can only be accommodated in remarkably few centers. This restricts individuals, who would like to access the facility during the night hours.

Unpredictable Climate

The climate of Auckland is unpredictable and can change suddenly. Change of weather in Auckland includes cold fronts and tropical cyclones, which cause extreme conditions such as hailstorms. These climate changes can bring the paintball business to a stop. Customers may fear changes in climate, and this will make them not participate in the paintballing. The game of outdoor paintballing is only preferred during times of calm weather. Indoor paintballing is usually played during harsh weather conditions (Braun, 2007). However, some centers in Auckland do not provide both indoor and outdoor facility for the game. Although the business has thrived well in Auckland, changes in climate usually affect the businesses. The most affected paintballing business is outdoor paintballing.

High costs

Starting a paintball business in Auckland is remarkably expensive. The cost of securing a field for an outdoor paintballing, which can allow future expansions, is remarkably high (Clements, 2011). Building of battle fields, acquiring of licenses, and buying of paintballing equipments require one to have sufficient capital. In order to succeed in the paintballing business, it is required that one has a battlefield for the game, however, acquiring of such a battlefield, which can allow future expansions requires individuals with strong build up of capital.

Problems in Making Adjustments

Paintball businesses in Auckland are faced with the problem of making adjustments to suppliers, employees and customers (Clements, 2011). Some businesses do not thrive because of failure of making adjustments to suppliers and their customers. Suppliers may be willing to supply required stock within a stipulated time, but may end up not fulfilling the requirements. The businesses have to make adjustments so that they do not fail in their operations. Some businesses do not employ skilled individuals in their businesses, which leads to failure of the business operations.

Working Practices

Most paintball businesses do not review their working practices. Adjustment of existing working practices is essential for the success of the business (Pascoe, 2009). However, some businesses have been faced with the problem of changing the working practices. This has emerged due to poor management of the businesses. Most of the individuals in the business employ unskilled managers, who end up failing in the review of the working practices.

Number of Licenses

The paintball business requires an individual to have several licenses before starting the normal operation. The different licenses required include; operating license, outdoor sports permit and firearms permit. Depending on the community or municipality, other permits and licenses may be necessary (Evan, 2011).
Opportunities of Paintball Business in Auckland

Introduction of Lock and Load

There is a recent introduction of lock and load paintball. The introduction of lock and load paintball will help those kids who cannot play the game due to their age, experience the fun of the paintball game (Evan, 2011). This will be a boost to the paintball business since the number involved in enjoying the game will grow dramatically. This will also increase the number of individuals involved in the game. The lock and load paintball has also been launched on the social media, which will help the game be recognized by more individuals than before. This makes the market for the paintball business grow at an increasing rate, in Auckland. The word through the social media spreads fast, and this will make the paintball business be on top than other played games in Auckland. Through involving all the age groups, in the game, paintball will overtake all other games, which were established earlier (Pascoe, 2009).

Acquisitions and Mergers

Different paintball businesses may combine forces through forming mergers and some businesses acquiring others (Evan, 2011). In such a case, businesses specializing in outdoor paintballing can acquire or merge with businesses specializing in indoor paintballing. This can be offered in one vast field. Establishment of both indoor and outdoor facilities for the game, in most centers of Auckland, will make the paintball businesses not fear weather conditions, which may stop the businesses from continuing with offering the service. This will increase the opportunity for customers playing the game in the centers all the time, without minding the weather conditions.

Day and Night Paintball Business

The business will thrive more and more, in the future, with the provision of paintballing facilities that can offer 24 hours services throughout Auckland. Since some businesses do not support day and night paintballing services, competition within the different centers in Auckland will make the centers provide day and night paintballing services, in an attempt to foster healthy competition (Braun, 2007).

Improved Competitiveness in Paintball Business

Offering of paintballing in mobiles, schools, expos, and galas will increase the popularity of the game in Auckland, which will help in boosting the paintball business (Pascoe, 2009). Offering of the game in mobiles, galas, schools, and expos may influence those persons, who may not show interest in playing the game and in the process; the individuals may come to like the game (Evan, 2011). This form of advertising will make paintball as the most played game in Auckland, which will make it a tremendous business opportunity to make investment. This will also improve the competitiveness of the paintball business.

Diversification of Sales

The paintball business has an opportunity of increasing its sales through diversification of its sales. The business can offer both rental equipments in the field and can maintain a stock of paintballs, clothing and guns to sell to visiting groups (Dell, 2008). Selling of paintball guns and clothing can assist the business in generating additional revenue, which can increase the sales of the business (Braun, 2007). The business also has an opportunity of increasing its sales value through the sale of food and drinks in the paintballing fields.
Threats of Paintball Business in Auckland
Individuals participating in the paintballing game need to have insurance cover since the game may involve injuries to the participants (Meaner, 2009). In case a business facility supporting the game offers a player an opportunity to play and the individual happens not to have an insurance cover, and in the process of playing, the individual sustains injuries; in this case, the business offering the service has to pay the individual for the injury suffered. This is why it is vital for individuals desiring to play the game to fill a waiver form. This is a business threat since some individuals desiring to play the game are not insured, which means that; incase of injuries the business has to take the full liability (Clements, 2011). The paintballing business requires enormous tracts of land, which may not be available for an expanding business. This poses a threat to the business since a company or an individual planning to start or expand the paintball business must have vast land.
The business is being faced with the threat of worsening business relations (Meaner, 2009). This emerges from the competition in the business. The differences set in since some businesses thrive better than others. Customers may feel offended when a business offering paintballing services penalize them for broken equipments, and customers may not be responsible for breaking of equipment. This has emerged as a threat to the business since customers fear that; they might end up being penalized for equipments, which they are not responsible for breaking. However, the businesses may come up with rules, which will guide them in penalizing customers fairly (Meaner, 2009). In addition, due to the increasing customer demand, the businesses may not be capable of hosting all the individuals due to the growing number of customers.
Paintball game is among the most popular games that can be played by different age groups. It is usually valued as a recreational activity among friends and family members in Auckland. In addition, the game is valued among business colleagues since it is taken as a bonding activity. Because of its popularity, the game has led to the establishment of paintball businesses in Auckland. The paintball business has succeeded in Auckland due to the provision of customer based services in the game (Pascoe, 2009). Because of the various centers in Auckland competing effectively with each other, business of paintball has improved; making Auckland succeed in offering the best services in paintballing. The paintballing business requires immense tracts of land, which may not be available for an expanding business. The business has an opportunity of increasing its sales through diversifying its sales. The business has an opportunity of selling paintballing equipments other than renting playing equipments only. This can help in increasing the sales value. Through mergers and acquisitions, the paintball business in Auckland also has an opportunity of thriving. The business requires several licenses and permits before its establishment. Such licenses and permits include operating license, outdoor sports permit and firearms permit.

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