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Term Essay

Term Essay
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Write an essay on an ethical or moral issue that is currently faced by engineering professionals in your field or likely industry. The essay should clearly state
the moral issue you plan to investigate, and clearly explain why it is a moral issue,
its relevance and importance, for both an individual engineer and the broader public,
the structure of your inquiry,
the way you plan to analyze the topic, including the theories, concepts, ideas, and tools that we have used in the course, and
a provisional conclusion, major claim, or thesis.
1. Intro : State the main topic clearly in the last sentence of introduction.
2. Body : at least 5 individual paragraphs.
At the beginning( first sentence) of each paragraph, clearly state 1 main argument. Next, supporting ideas ( should be related to the main argument) and giving at least one example for your argument.
3. Conclusion: summary your ideas and giving your own opinion. Repeat the main topic of the essay in your last sentence.

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