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testate and intestate law

testate and intestate law
this assignment is a problem question, here is the question.
Alice, a widow, and her daughter Meg, both died when the car, driven by Meg, crashed.
Alice’s will read as follow:
1. ‘I appoint one of my brothers to be my executor’. There was added below in
pencil ‘either Ned or George’.
Alice had three brothers who survive her – Ned, George and Jack.
2. ‘£3,000 t my sister.’ There is a line through the figure and £5,000 has been
written above in ink. Alice is survived by her two sisters.
3. ‘My 2,000 shares in Exon Gas Plc to my dear Jack.’ At the date of the will, Alice
had exactly 2000 shares. Subsequently, Alice sold 500 shares; however, shortly
before her death, Alice received 200 shares in a rights issue.
4. ‘My house “The Gables”, its contents and my effects to Meg provided she does
not pre-decease me or our deaths coincide, if so, then to the Donkey Sanctuary
Meg is survived by her illegitimate son, Philip.
Advise Ned upon the appointments and dispositions contained in the will.

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