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The Status in a Family and Society

How is family portrayed in White Noise, and how does this show the concept of family changing and/or remaining the same in modern society? How does the changing family play a role in DeLillo’s larger message about how our society has changed, particularly with respect to increasingly complex technology, industrial systems, and economic factors, and the impact of ubiquitous information, media, and consumerism? Has the authority structure of the family changed, with children who are so worldly and knowledgeable? What is the status of “knowledge” in the family where everyone throws out random rumors they have heard (81)? Does the onslaught of information and the level of complexity end up “infantilizing” adults, in that we become used to being passive and lose our ability to make sense of the seeming chaos, and rely instead on the opinions of dubious “experts”? How do family members of different ages respond to the advanced information society, which is our own? At least half of your essay should provide detailed analysis, including quotations and evidence, from White Noise.
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