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To what extent do people understand about blood diamond?

Many people in world seem to under the elegance, beauty and happiness associated with diamond gem. However, very few people know the meaning of diamond to various people across the world. Besides the ornamental value derived from diamond, the significance of this precious resources in countries producing it is less understood. Many people in the world are aware of the conflicted ravaged Africa but seem not to understand the actual cause of the conflict that is never ending. Different people have associated the conflict to struggle to control this valuable natural resource without deeply considering the extent of the problem and how it begun. According to Briggs (1), many people are aware of the fighting in majority of diamond producing countries but they do not understand why people are fighting.
Blood diamond has had dire consequences in African countries that have endured long fight by rebel who fight legitimate government to explore the precious gem. Firstly, blood diamond has fuelled war in many West African countries such as Sierra Leone, Angola, and Liberia. The rebel forces use blood diamond revenues to purchase military weaponry to facilitate their illegal activities. Rebels in these countries fight government forces over diamond deposit has been the major source of these civil unrest. This result in civil war as the rebel tries to protect their business by capturing diamond producing areas and making them their strongholds. Furthermore, blood diamond lead to human suffering. Human suffering comes as an aftermath of civil war. For instance, the RUF rebel group committed immense human atrocities that included hacking of innocent civilians’ limbs and raping of women. The civil wars in these countries have resulted in poverty which has in turn caused lots of many homeless street children struggling to live by begging (Briggs 1).
Olsson explains that conflict diamond plays fatal role in the conflict in conflict in several African States. He depicts blood diamond as a curse of natural resources that is responsible for atrocities against humanity in Africa. He takes an economic approach to the consequences of blood diamond in countries that have been ravaged with civil wars that have sprung due to conflict diamond. Olsson first links natural resource abundance, social conflict and economic growth to explain the economic consequences of blood diamond. Additionally, Olsson draws the relationship between diamond production and economic growth in the countries that have witnessed civil unrest due to conflict diamond. Olsson explains that political instability in countries characterized by civil unrest result in weak government institutions. As a consequence economic growth is such country is suppressed. He concluded by alluding that diamond abundance is a source of conflict African countries and this has negative relationship with economic growth (Olsson 283)
Various researches reveal strong relationship between blood diamond and civil war. Furthermore, blood diamond is chiefly identified as an important factor that has contributed to civil war in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Research indicates that the blood diamond is the civil wars in these countries in 1990s is strongly linked to conflict diamond due to the struggles of government and rebel groups to take control of diamonds (Snyder and Bhavnai 564).

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