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Unit 4: Needs Assessment (Program Evaluation 1)

Assignment Requirements
Unit 4: Needs Assessment (Program Evaluation 1) Please work on part A and B ( GROUP WIKI and Journal Entry)
This unit applies what you have learned in the previous units and the readings and resources to a practice situation that involves a request for a needs assessment. Needs assessments apply the methodologies and methods we looked at in Units 2 and 3 but with a particular focus on defining “needs”related to a gap between what is and what the desired end state should be.   For example, “the current reality is that there are people living on the street who would like to be in housing”and the desired end state is:   “All who are living on the street who want to be in housing are living “successfully”in housing”.   So the needs assessment would include finding out the scope of the “problem”and what contributes to the problem as well as other related factors that need to be investigated in order to direct the development of “interventions”to close the gap between current reality and desired end state.
Identify the key elements and decision points for developing a needs assessment
Describe how needs assessments are a type of research
Apply understanding of methodologies and methods to a needs assessment scenario
Explain why defining key terms, such as what “needs”means in a particular needs assessment is critical in designing a needs assessment
Explain how needs assessments relates to program evaluation
Learning Activity
A. Unit 4: Group Wiki
Review the resources below about needs assessment and then work on the following in the group Wiki
Imagine your group has been asked by a non-profit agency in Victoria to come up with recommendations for a research design for a needs assessment to direct the development of a program to provide support for the homeless to be successful in subsidized housing. In particular they would like to gain from the needs assessment a better understanding about the process by which one becomes and then remains homeless. Needs assessments are often viewed as a type of formative evaluation as they assist in determining “who may need a program, how great the “need”is and what might work to meet the need.”
“In formative research the major questions and methodologies are:
What is the definition and scope of the problem or issue, or what’s the question?
Formulating and conceptualizing methods might be used including brainstorming, focus groups, nominal group techniques, Delphi methods, stakeholder analysis, synectics, lateral thinking, input-output analysis, and concept mapping.
Where is the problem and how big or serious is it?
The most common method used here is “needs assessment” which can include: analysis of existing data sources, and the use of sample surveys, interviews of constituent populations, qualitative research, expert testimony, and focus groups.”
(Trochim, click to go to website) http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/intreval.php
In your recommendation provide the following:
What would be the question or questions that would direct your research?
Who you would involve in designing the needs assessment and carrying it out with their roles?
What methodology or combination would you use and what methods for data gathering might you use and why?
Would you have a type of random or non random sample or a combination?
What secondary sources of data might you use (data that has been gathered for other purposes that you could use in your needs assessment)?
Along with decisions identified in the previous bullet points are there other key decisions you would need to address? What would you need to learn to be able to conduct a needs assessment for the non profit?
B.   Unit 4: Journal Entry #3
Re-visit your research question in relation to the needs assessment wiki work and information about sampling
As you review the major learning for this Unit, re-visit your question and write a brief paragraph whether you think there may be a needs assessment component in your question, why or why not? Who or what do you think it would be important at this point to get information from to start to address your research question? What sampling method(s) do you think you may use?
Take note: in references to order #81346266, please check the resources and questions we used for that unit as it’s the same course and a continuation from that assignment. please revisit that research question from the order to see the what the quest is. please also revisit the feedback from the teacher i had sent to you, so i can have a better grade this time. I will upload all resources for this order shortly. please let me know if you can start working on this asap. Thanks again.
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