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Using the business simulation, develop and implement a strategic plan for your Electronic Retail Company

Assignment Requirements
1. Individual Report Assignment (75%)
Details of Assignment
Using the business simulation, develop and implement a strategic plan for your Electronic Retail Company. The assignment includes the following tasks:
1. Analyse the current strategic position of your company (requires an analysis of both the external environment and strategic capability of the organisation), and develop a strategic plan (corporate and competitive strategy) for your company. 
2. Undertake a critical review of your strategic direction (corporate, business and functional strategies) development and implementation progress over the period of your company’s operation (5 calculated simulated years).
3. From the above, critically discuss the successes and the failures of your company and outline key recommendations to achieve and/or sustain competitiveness in the changing business environment. 
Produce an academic report, using analysis and reports from the business simulation sessions in the workshops. Please note that your analysis, development and implementation of strategy is based on the information provided in the business simulation sessions, and your own relevant additional data sources from your company’s industry. You will also need to consult academic texts and journals in order to demonstrate your understanding of models and theory applied, and understanding of the limitations of the models applied. 
Your report should be 3000 words long plus or minus 10% which do not include references, bibliography, appendices, abstracts or tables. The following penalties apply if you exceed the word count by more than 10%;
11% -20% – 10% reduction in marks
20%- 30% – 20% reduction in marks
Over 30% – your work will be capped at the pass mark.
All analysis should be presented as appendices, and only the key strategic issues resulting from your analysis interpreted and presented in the main report.
You are to submit an individual report. A copy of your assignment should be submitted electronically through turnitin and a copy handed in to the appropriate campus office no later than Thursday 27/03/2014.
Assessment criteria
Analysis of the current strategic position and strategy development (45%)
Current strategic position
The understanding and use of appropriate models/frameworks to identify the current strategic position 
The ability to discuss the key strategic issues facing the organisation and the impact of such issues on your company.
Ability to draw conclusions from the analysis conducted.
Development of a Strategic direction
The ability to use the conclusions from the analysis to develop a strategic direction for the next 5 simulated years of your business which include:
a. Mission and vision statements
b. Overall target market and strategic choices 
c. Strategic and financial goals
d. Evaluation of strategy
Review the progress of strategy development and implementation (25%)
Analyse how the current strategy will lead to the attainment of competitive advantage through the review of corporate, business and functional level strategies per decision period.
Ability to review competition, other changing business environmental risks and implications, and how you responded to these strategic issues.
Ability to adopt appropriate models and relate all decisions to overall vision, mission and strategic intent of the business . 
Ability to provide appropriately referenced evidence of operations per decisions taken and clear rationale for each decision taken
Ability to draw conclusions from model (s) utilised in your analysis. 
Assess the sustainability of current strategy (20%)
Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships of analytical issues.
Ability to evaluate the sustainability of your company’s strategy based on the current success and failures.
Ability to anticipate and recommend appropriate strategies to overcome failures and improve sustainability of the business in the future. 
Presentation (10%)
Well-structured and table of contents
Appropriate use is made of visual presentation and information
Evidence of proof reading
References and bibliographic details are correct
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