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Values consist of personal beliefs and attitudes towards others (Kozier, etc, p74). They are important because it can influence the decision making of a nurse including ethical aspect and action taking for the clients (Kozier, etc, p73). They are also learned through observation and experience. Thus, they are influenced by a person’s cultural background, religious belief, ethnic group, supporting of family and peers (Kozier, etc, p74). Altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice” are essential nursing values (Kozier, etc, p75). I value caring and helping for others, listening to the clients’ difficulties, providing proper attitude towards clients and be patient to the clients. First, it is very important for a nurse to be helpful and careful because a nurse needs to be helpful in order to enjoy his/her work and also has to be careful on his/her actions providing to the clients to prevent the occurrence of serious consequences. Secondly, listening to the client’s needs, thoughts and difficulties are also important in the nursing profession. Nurses not only needs to give the treatment on client’s physical health, but also needs to comfort the psychology part of the clients. For example, a client may experience higher level of wellness if he/she restores both physiological and psychological health than the client whose health has only recovered physiologically. Lastly, the professional nurses need to have positive attitude towards different kinds of clients. They must not be judgemental because the clients may already suffer seriously in their illness. Moreover, a nurse has to be patient to the clients especially to the elders or clients with mental illness. Nurses must explain the procedures patiently to the clients and carefully comfort their thrilled behaviours. Therefore, I think it is very important for nurses to be helpful, careful, listening, positive and patient. On the other hand, I realized that the reality of nursing profession was more intense than what I was expected after I started in the program. Nurses work in a high-stress environment, like working overtime. From the lectures and seminars, I learn to value respect towards clients with different cultures and coworkers, honesty to the clients, responsibility on own action and etc. I learned that the clients with different cultures may have different habits. For example, a client with Hispanic culture may not need much personal space or does not usually make eye contact while having the conversation . In this case, the nurses will need to adjust this culture, try to understand it and not take this attitude personally. It is also important for nurses to respect other healthcare providers. Bullying, including gossiping, has been a serious problem in the nursing work place because the healthcare providers do not respect each other and do not esteem individual’s privacy. Furthermore, honesty to the clients and being responsible to own action are the most important values in the nursing profession. It is the nurse’s responsibility to tell client the truth because the clients have the legal rights to understand their health condition. Also, a nurse has to have the ability to admit the mistakes or errors made in the judgement, especially the errors that would put the clients in a life-threatening situation.            In conclusion, I have learnt a lot of lessons not only from the professors’ lectures, but also from the peers’ opinions and values. I realized that I only know about the images of nurses but not the depth understanding of nurses’ profession before I went into this program. And now, I am able to understand the deeper insight of nursing, including its roles in the healthcare system, its responsibilities, its code of ethic, and etc.
“Belief is defined as interpretation that people accept as true” (Kozier, etc, p74). Thus, a belief can be anything that related to a person’s faith or idea and can be accepted by other people. I believe that knowledge, time management, care, respect, honesty, and patient privacy are the most important components in nursing.Knowledge is the major role of success in the nursing career. As a nurse, we must know the diseases and know how to treat the diseases. We need to apply classroom knowledge and skills to the work place. I believe that history taking is the most important part for the first impression in examination of the patient and knowledge play a major role in history taking. It is because some diseases have no typical symptoms, such as the silent myocardial infarct in the clients with Diabetes Mellitus. As a good nurse, we have to be able to think holistically and anticipate the patient’s needs. When we examine the patient, we have to arrange the priority in serial number as the patient’s condition. Along with this idea of prioritization, we must be skilled in time management. For instance, when two patients come to the hospital at the same time, one has the fever with cough which is probably diagnosed as pneumonia and another has low blood pressure with multiple traumas caused by accident. In this situation, we arrange the patient who has low blood pressure to receive the proper management first. The reason I chose to major in nursing is that I want to treat both the physiological and psychological health of the clients. I believe that before you treat the disease, you must treat the clients by caring for them and their family. By treating the patient’s mind, soul and showing that you are there for them, more good can be done than harm. I remembered that I was sick and hospitalized due to the fever with cough, which was diagnosed as pneumonia, when I was ten years old. I was afraid to the needle at that time, but the nurses said the intravenous fluid must be given to me. During hospitalization, nurses took care of me carefully and I eventually got better. Since then, I decided to become a nurse when I grew up. As a nursing student, I am continuously searching and learning my identity as a caregiver and as a professional nurse. In conclusion, my belief in nursing is building from the knowledge, time management, care, respect, honesty, and patient privacy. In this semester, I have learned that it is very important for an individual nursing student to have their own beliefs, which give the motivation to each individual to be succeeded later in the medical field. When I think of nurses, I always have an image of sphygmomanometer. There are two kinds of sphygmomanometers, the manual one and the digital one. I believe that most families living with elders would have at least one sphygmomanometer at home, so that the family members could use it for the elders to tract their levels of blood pressure. In the early century, the hospital uses manual sphygmomanometer. However, the hospital prefers to use the digital sphygmomanometer because it is very convenient and is more accurate than the manual one. I remembered that when I was young, my family used to have both the manual and digital sphygmomanometers at home. I always saw my mom taking blood pressure for my grandparents. When their blood pressure became higher than the last recorded number, they would go to the hospital for the health check. If the health check results showed abnormality, they would readjust their diets and made the diets more balanced in nutrients or they would received the treatment immediately if their heaths are at risk. To me personally, sphygmomanometer represents the alert for the health. My family members have disease history of both hypertension and type II Diabetes. Thus, it is very important for my grandparents and my parents to check their blood pressure regularly. Sometimes, it is hard for the people themselves to detect the problems occurred in their bodies. By checking the changes in the blood pressure, an individual will be able to know whether his/her body has problem. Thus, the sphygmomanometer allows people to detect their problem earlier and the early diagnosis and treatment can be made by the healthcare providers. Since the early treatments are given to the clients, the survival rate of the clients from the diseases will increased. In conclusion, whenever I think of nurses, the image of sphygmomanometer always appears first in my mind. Although checking blood pressure seems like a easy thing to do, it plays an important role in the early diagnosis and treatments in the health care system. Therefore, it is very important for the family, especially who have disease history, to check their blood pressure regularly.

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